Monday, October 20, 2014

a poem for fall

i stick my head out the window
and close my eyes
and take a deep breath
the wind blows through the trees
blowing through the autumn leaves
and whipping my hair
off my face
the leaves rustle high above
coloring the sky
red and orange and yellow
against the brilliant blue
like a sea high above
covered in boats of leaves
there’s a pumpkin pie on the windowsill
below, the scent wafting out
i run down the stairs
and grab my hat
and wrap on my scarf
and snatch my coat
and hurry outside
the door banging behind me
my leather boots bang on the ground
 the leaves scuttle beneath my feet
i rush down the road
my eyes searching ahead
and then i see it
and i smile
i rush forward
and push the swing
the old tire flying high
i laugh and jump on
as it swings down
and fly towards the sky
i feel like if i let go
and pushed off
my hands spread out far
that i could fly
up into the sky
towards a distant star
the tire swings down again
and i remember that i won’t fly
but i don’t care
i’m happy just as i am
i jump off the swing
and hurry down the road
just a little farther down
i glance at the sun
and i realize it’s almost time
maybe i shouldn’t
have dallied so long
but surely - i’ll make it on time
i rush back down the lane
and through the gate
and throw open the door with a smile
my family’s before me -
my father, mother, brothers,
sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles
grandfathers and grandmothers
and everyone else in between
my mother winks and beckons
and we head into the dining room
 the long table
it’s there, spread out before me
only coming out -
only on one day
 a special
one of my favorite days
we all gather around
the food’s on the table
i glance around -
so many happy, loved faces
i love today -
and every other day
thank you God,
for all of these happy days
i’m thankful for this day
and every day
it’s Thanksgiving.


i love Thanksgiving - i can’t wait until it comes around again this year. fall is here upon us, and it brings me joy. drink your warm coffee and tea, wrap on your scarves, run through the forests on an adventure, and have a lovely, God-blessed fall. - Anna