Monday, January 27, 2014


have you ever felt
the wind
tugging and pulling
and felt
that if you jumped
up towards the sky
you could just

Friday, January 17, 2014

“stop that plane”

“stop that plane!” i rushed towards the gate. “stop that plane!”

“excuse me,” glared the stewardess, who was about to go on, “what on earth are you talking about?”

i gripped her hands. “you must stop that plane. don’t let it take off!”

“whatever’s the matter?” her brow was furrowed.

“just stop it!” i urged, taking off at a run in the opposite direction. “just stop it,” i whispered.

maya’s words came floating back to me - you have the power to do anything. i shook my head, running faster. she was wrong - i didn’t have any powers, not like her or any of the others. all that i was? a normal human girl. i couldn’t do anything to stop this. i couldn’t, as much as i wanted to. i ached with all my heart to be able to do something. but i just couldn’t.

yes, you can.

i ran faster, trying to outrun the voice, but i couldn’t.

you might not have any so-called “powers”, but you have your own power that no one else has. a power that could save the world. use it.

i had no idea what they were talking about, but i knew the voice well. i shook my head, trying to get her out, but i couldn’t. instead, i found myself speaking back to the mind-reader. you don’t understand, you just can’t! i’m nothing special like you guys! i’m just a normal human! i felt like crying even as i thought the words.

no. you are so much more.

“i am nothing more,” i whispered, thinking it at the same time.

you are tane leyman. as long as there is evil in the world, the good will combat it. tane, you are that good. you might think you can’t do anything, but there is always something that good can do.

my running steps halted. suddenly, i wished that the mind-reader, layla, would say more. layla? layla, are you there? there wasn’t a reply. but her words echoed in my mind, and i realized she was right - i could do something. i couldn’t just stand here and let evil triumph. i didn’t know what i could do, but i would try to do whatever it took to make sure that plane didn’t take off the ground.

i took off back towards the gate. the stewardess woman was heading towards the door. i pushed past her - “hey! get back here!” - and through the door. i ran across the tarmac towards the stairs that looked like they were just about to be taken away from the door of the plane. i raced towards them, yelling and waving my hands - “stop! stop!”

the men taking it away stopped, giving me a strange look.

“are you on this flight?”

“i need to be,” i told them truthfully.

they nodded and let me go up. i sprinted to the top, glancing around the seats holding the passengers. that’s when i spotted them, towards the back of the plane. quickly, before they could see me, i ducked up front into the front where the pilots were.

“young lady, you can’t - ” somebody started to say.

“just a moment!” i cried, jumping away from the co-pilot’s reaching hands. “you can’t let this plane leave the ground! there’s a major threat on board!”

“and why should we believe you, a girl?” the pilot raised a suspicious eyebrow at me.

“look, if anybody else was saying this, would you believe me?” i pleaded.

“what kind of a threat?” the pilot finally asked.

“it’s... um... a dangerous person,” i managed. “basically worse then a terrorist. i’d suggest that you evacuate the plane immediately and get them into the custody of the law.”

“young lady, if you’re...” the pilot started to say.

at just that moment, there was the sound of somebody getting punched behind us. one of the stewardesses came through the door, face pale.

“sir, somebody just went and attacked one of the passengers, and...!”

“quickly, get everybody off the plane!” he cried. “hurry!”

before they could say anymore to me, i hurried out of the cabin and saw the scene unfolding. maya, cameron, and a few of the others were there, finally putting Y-band handcuffs on zeen, his apprentice, zyn, and his Partner, sasha, and starting to escort them out of the plane.

“what is the meaning of this - ?!” the pilot came out of the cabin, staring at all of us.

“it’s nothing,” maya told him. “you may continue on with your flight.”

“yeah,” cameron agreed. he held up what looked like a government badge, having come from the pocket of his suit coat. “we’re part of the government.” as though it would help, he also pulled a pair of aviators out and put them on.

everybody was staring at us, and i could only imagine what they had to be thinking. i only smiled and maya. she leaned forward and whispered, “thanks for stalling the plane. we couldn’t have done it without you.”

“thank you,” i told her. “your words were part of the reason that i kept going.”

maya just smiled. before anybody else could say anything, we escorted zeen & co off the plane and behind the airport. jack then teleported us back to the base.

i realized, as everyone celebrated everything that had gone right, that i really didn’t have to have any powers or be anything amazing to do something amazing. i just had to have courage. and sometimes that meant a lot more then any kind of power. i smiled.

* * *

as kind of a little note, this is kind of partly a story idea i had that would go along with the unusuals, as kind of like a second series. thoughts?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

you can't runaway

you can't
from your problems
you have to turn
and face them
but don't
you won't be
because there is
who holds your hand
and leads
the way

Thursday, January 9, 2014

life comes pouring out

i remember when i used to post every day - sometimes more then once a day. blogging was new and exciting and something that i was just so happy about. and then sometimes life comes in, and you can’t do that as much. and i couldn’t. and i got busy, and then when i did get on the computer i was doing other things, like designing and answering emails and everything. and then, suddenly, i haven’t posted for several days. maybe a week. and then i finally get the time to just sit down and write something. and my whole life comes pouring out as i write what’s been going on, what i’ve been thinking about, things like that. it just comes like a tidal wave, and suddenly the post’s a lot longer then intended. and i suddenly realize something.

i’ve missed blogging. i’ve missed writing down things. things that just normally get stored in my brain and unshared. and suddenly i can write them out, and they’re staring back at me. and suddenly i almost feel like a weight’s lifted off my chest, because i finally got all of those thoughts out.

that’s one of the beauties and joys of blogging. we can write everything and anything we want to, and the thoughts are uniquely ares. they aren’t that person’s who has a million followers. they aren’t the person’s down the road. they aren’t anything by your thoughts, and that’s what makes them unique. because God has created each and every one of us differently, so beautiful and complexly. your thoughts are worthwhile and amazing, and sometimes that seems to get forgotten.

sometimes you just have the urge to write it, just to say it. and then suddenly, you look up, and there’s a blog post written.

the sun’s rising,