Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Why is it called 'after dark' when it is really 'after light'?

~Otter Days

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New author!

Hello everyone!

I am going to be posting for a little bit while storyteller is busy. I hope you will enjoy my posts!!

Please comment!

Otter Days

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another weird conversation... :/

Hey, guys!!!! This is Connie.

This is Gavin!!!

And this is still definitely Tracy!!!

Today, our topic is going to be.......


Connie and Tracy: What?!

My friends are coming in like ten minutes......!



Well, um, bye folks!

Awarded!!! Yay!!!!!

Hiya! I just got awarded!!!!

This one is from Madeline!!!! Thanks so much, Maddie!!!!!!! =DThe Rules!
The Rules:1. Put a link to who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs to receive the award.
4. Let them know you awarded them.
5. Make sure to post this set of rules in your post!

OK, so, five blogs!!!! Yay!!!!!!! =D

Madeline of 100% Bookworm
Lena Grace of Defining Lena Grace
Ryder of Twilyte Ryder
Otter Days of Otter Days
And, I'm not sure if this counts, but we have some AWESOME authors on here, so this award is for you guys.....
All the Authors of The Story Club

Thanks!!! Bye!!!



Hey, ya'll!!!!

Right now I have a wet dog (she just got a bath) and a puppy who's trying to crawl onto the keyboard!!! Ahh, Bree's cute. :)  Today we're having some friends from faraway coming to visit us!!!! We're really excited!!!! We haven't seen them in a really long time. We're going to have a blast spending time together!!!! Hopefully we'll have time to play volleyball. Of course volleyball. ;)

Listen, I hope you guys have a great day!!!!!! If you haven't already, please go check The Story Club!!!!! Bye!!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Pink Flower (Storyteller of Weston County)

Hi, ya'll!!! I was thinking about using this as my blog button..... what do you guys think?

Later gator!!!


The Ruler of Randomness

Random fact: I've started a new story with some awesome people, one of them being Piano Bookworm......
Random fact: I've started ANOTHER story with another awesome person named Madeline.... (the A. haha)
Random fact: my favorite kind of bagel is blueberry.
Random fact: pine trees are easier to climb than deciduous trees (you know, like oaks or something)
Random fact: I think I might've found another blog award....... ;)
Random thing: you guys should really check out The Story Club!!! We have some really awesome authors on there!!!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Haywire Conversation

Hi!!!! This is Connie.

And Gavin.

And Tracy. Don't forget me!!! =D

Yes, yes, but anyway, we've decided that it's about time we made another post!

Uh, like, yeah!!!!! We haven't posted in like forever!!!!!!!! Are you guys ready to have some fun?

Haha, sis, settle down some!! They've just started to read this!!!! I doubt they're quite ready to do what we have in store for them. What's that? You're ready? Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Very funny Gavin. Hahaha. So, today we have something very interesting to do....................... Take a quiz!!! Yay!!!!!!!! What? You guys don't like quizzes? Well, that's a bummer! Let's see..... Tracy, would you please check the poll?

Sure thing..... CONSTANCE!! 

Ahem, it's Connie. And thank you. What's winning?


OK, so what have been voted on?

Quizzes and Contests, Other, Random Facts, and Posts by characters in Connie McGraw's story.

Hey! That's me!

Yes, Connie, we know.  So, we're going to have to improvise. Right? I mean, really......

OK, so I guess this post takes care of two things.

What's that?

Other and Posts by characters in Connie McGraw's story.

We're OTHER?!?!

Relax, Tracy! Seriously!

OK, well, that's all for now! Thanks guys for joining us on a haywire conversation!

Yep!!!!! Thanks a lot for reading!!!!!

Bring donuts!

Connie and Gavin: What?!


That was strange.

Very strange.

All: Goodbye! ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red Corn

This is what I had for dinner last night. I think it's really just red corn on the cob. Weird, isn't it? It tasted just the same as normal corn, any whichway you looked at it.

OK, quick poll--what color do you think my cat is? Please comment with your answer!

Later, gator!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Some Things.....

I close my eyes as I think of something that I once held dear. Maybe it's my parents; maybe it's my pets; maybe it's my possessions; maybe it's money. You'll never know, unless I tell you. And will I tell you? The answer is simple.


That is between me and God. Now, close your eyes. What do you hold dear to you? Think of that very thing(s). Would you give those things up in a heartbeat for God? Could you give them up just because? Or have they become an idol? 

Think about it.

Just think.

OK, time's up! Now, how can you think about getting rid of that idol in your life if you have one? If you don't, good for you!

OK, so here's some quick updates, ya'll--I have a new blog!! Click here to access. It's called The Story Club!!!! If you like writing stories, please tell me with an example of your writing and maybe I'll add you!!! But please have it be G rated. I am a Christian and do not want bad things on my blog. Thanks so much!! Hope you check it out!!! Also, the puppies are doing fine. In a few weeks they'll be old enough to give away. Some friends of ours are coming to our house on Sunday--I think--and I can't wait to see them!!! We haven't seen them in a really long time. It's going to be so much fun!!!



Monday, July 23, 2012

Hills Alive, Otter Days, and Story Ideas

Just to say, Hills Alive was AWESOME!!!! If you want to hear more, please click here. On to other topics..........

Otter Days has posted more on Otter Days' blog!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Go and check out Otter Days' blog for some great reads!!!! Hopefully we'll be working more on our Sam'n'Alex story. :D

Please tell me what you think of about everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now, we have two short excerpts of some new story ideas I had on the way to Hills Alive......

"You've got to work as a team!" Coach Addison's voice boomed in the gym.
    I froze by the door into the gym. Peeking through the window, I saw Kristen, the captain of the basketball team. She was glaring defiantly at the coach.
    "Unless you start leading, we're going to keep on losing," Coach Addison glared. "You have got to pull this team together. Otherwise, we're going to fall apart like that stupid tapestry in Prinpical Hesiman's room!"
     "You don't know anything!" Kristen yelled at her. "And you know what? I don't care about this team!" her blue eyes were on fire. "I quit! You hear that? I QUIT! Goodbye, hope you lose!" she snorted, running out the door. 
      There was silence. I held my breath, waiting for the coach to get out of there. I gripped my basketball to myself as I heard the coach's footsteps going away.
     If only...

OK, so that's the first story idea. Second story idea........

Our cross-country team crested the hill. Finally, Coach Smith called for us all to stop.
  "OK, we're going to have a ten minute break and then run back!"
   Everybody groaned. Sara practically doubled over beside me, her breathing coming in broken rasps.
    "You OK?" I panted beside her. 
    She shrugged. "I guess. But sometimes I wonder why Coach Smith even bothers."
     I gave her a look. "Huh?"
     "I mean, making us run so much," she shrugged. "We never win. And we never will."
     I glanced over the next hilltop, and then suddenly I saw it--a kid, flying like the wind, just running his heart out. Soon he was gone.
    "Who was that?" I demanded.
     Sara sighed. "That's Danny."
     "And how come he's not on the team?" I cried. "He looks like he'd be able to easily turn the tables!"
    Sara sighed again. "It's just that. He can't."
    "What do you mean?" I glared.
     Sara paused, and then whispered, "He has a murmur."

That's all for now!! Tell me what ya think!!!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hills Alive 2012

Hey, ya'll!!

So today--guess what!--I'm going to a concert!! It's a free Christian concert called Hills Alive, and is located in Rapid City, South Dakota (America). This year there are a whole lot of awesome artists, including tobyMac, Jamie Grace, Mercy Me, Anthem Lights, and lots of others!! People from all over the United States come to fellowship with other Christians at this concert. It's happening today and ends tomorrow, and there was Hills Alive Squared yesterday, too!!!



P.S. I'll tell you how the music was. :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sherwood Pictures' Movies

If you've been on my blog Storyteller of Weston County, you'll see that I recommend the movie Courageous. Here are the covers of the other movies that I mentioned.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Random Can I Get?

Ooookay................ stuff to take care of for today...............

So--you a writer? Like going in writing challenges and seeing if you can beat out everybody else? Well, here's your chance! There are writing contests on both Dragonmaster (here) and Storyteller of Weston County (here). I'd love it if you guys would participate, even if maybe you haven't followed me or commented or anything. Followers? I'd definitely love you guys doing it!! Not to pressure you or anything, just to say. Please go and participate! It's all for fun!!!

So, I want some comments with this one. :) So I know that I have the option "other" on my poll. So what do you think is "other"? Like random posts like this one? Photos that I've taken with my commentary? Come up with things that you think would be interesting!!!! I really want to know what you guys think!!!

Also comments on this one!!! Haha ;). What's the oldest horse? After... hmm...... five comments I'll tell you!!!! That's for you random fact people. ;D

OK, that's all for now!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Games Are Destroyed

Keira lived in the land of Amaria. In it, for the entertainment of the nobles, the children of the poorer people were forced to fight against each other in gruesome battles. But--there were 12 kids in all, all fighting together. The winner of the wars, and there could only be one winner, was uplifted and given a big house and everything they could desire.

All of the kids except for Keira had one thing in mind--stay alive. And the way to do that? Kill the others. To make sure that they didn't escape, there were locators placed in their arms.

The kids were each given weapons--Keira was given a bow and quiver to kill with; Shara double swords; Drew a sword and shield; Carolyn a spear; Sam a javelin; Tad a mace; Andria a whip; Jack several daggers; Cade another sword; Terri a longbow; Iola a hammer; Seth a slingshot. Then they were sent off into a fenced-in forest to go and kill each other.

Keira was tough. She was an expert at survival. Her problem? There were 11 other kids wanting to kill her. Her other problem? She would not kill them.

First she met up with Sam. He tried to kill her, but Keira knocked him out, cut his locator out, and hid him. She did the same with all of the rest of them, ending with Seth.

By then they were all on Keira's side. Why on earth did they have to kill each other? All of them had long gotten their locators taken out. They were all together. They escaped over the wall and rallied the peasants with them and led a rebellion against the rich people who are making the horrible games.

Keira and the peasants win. The games are destroyed.

Aka, my version of Hunger Games.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Race of Life

The wind rustles my hair,
As I run without a care,
I cannot trip as I fly,
Almost up to the sky.
I cannot stop, no, not ever,
I will continue this worthy endeavor,
I shall not quit, I'll keep on going,
My end only I am sewing.
I fly, my feet going and faster,
I run, my heart flying to the sky,
I cry, my legs burning like fire,
You'll be at the end, you and I.
So run your race, don't stop,
Don't even try and hesitate,
You've got to keep on running,
You just can't be late.
So I fly along the road,
Past the humble abode,
Flying towards the sky,
Only you and I.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Rubberboot Picture that's the same...

Hmm... smaller..... at least a little bit.... maybe..... hmm...... You might be totally bored with this post (and if so I'm truly sorry) but I'm trying to do something.... How do you like the picture, in the meantime? Yeah, pretty cool rubberboots, huh?? I hope you're having a great day. If you're new, don't forget to leave a comment!! I'd love it if you followed me! If you have a blog, please leave the link and I'll visit!!

That's all!!

Rubberboot Girl

Rubberboot Girl
Her boots sloshed in the water,
The day couldn't have gotten hotter,
She walked through the trees,
Listening to the humming of bees.
It's summertime now, no time to waste,
I have a cherry pie for you to taste,
Now come on, now, there's the fair!
Don't put that frog on my head, don't you dare!
Rubberboot Girl, a girl like no other,
She's got three sisters and not a brother,
She lives in the country by her two friends,
Right where the path of life comes and bends.
Rubberboot Girl, Connie by name,
She will always stay the same.
If you come looking for her now,
Maybe you see her; or a cow.
Rubberboot Girl, caring for her friends,
Living by the path of life where it bends,
Now looking closely, towards the sky,
'Cause then you'll see you and I.


The Hearts Sublime

I opened my eyes. They had been closed for a long time.
I've been looking long and heart for the hearts sublime.
But I think they're long gone. You go ahead and look.
But they've been long gone, long ago been took.

So I don't know if you know this, my friend,
But those sad people met their immanent end,
Because of their beautiful hearts that were pure,
They had to go, the pain and hardship endure.
But now they're happy and full of joy, my friend,
Now they've left, going towards the road's bend.
So don't cry for them, they're happy today,
They've been taken by Jesus, whisked away,
I know this for a fact, don't ask me why,
But we'll still be looking for them, you and I.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Olivia and Alex ;)

Hey, this is Olivia!!

Hey, this is Alex!!

We'd like to start out by thanking everybody who has read our story!! We love the comments that have come our way!!

She's absolutely right. Thanks, guys!! (just to say, we've long since deleted my blog, so please don't waste your time looking for it). :D

So we decided that we'd start this post out with some random facts about ourselves. OK, here's my list!
Random fact: I had reading glasses when I was eight
Random fact: I love dill pickles
Random fact: I hate sweet pickles
Random fact: I can't stand mayo
Random fact: I like the color blue
Random fact: I love any potato!!!! Mostly fries ;)

OK, now it's my turn!
Random fact: I spent a summer a few years back with my family in America
Random fact: I'm scared to death of tigers
Random fact: I always melt whenever Olivia gives  me "the eyes" (it's annoying)
Random fact: I love Vanilla ice cream
Random fact: my favorite movie that I've ever filmed in would have to be Avalon Keepers
Random fact: my eyes change colors sometimes, from blue to green

Yep, that's all for now!

Don't forget to vote on what you'd like to see more of on this blog!


Olivia and Alex 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Piano!!! Wait!!!!!!!!!

Piano Bookworm, if you are still on, I just replied to you on Olivia 2.

The Wind

The blows softly through the trees,
The sound of the waves of the seas,
Whistling through the cave dark,
Quietly, like a beautiful shy lark.

Whistling, flying past my ear,
Always there, throughout the year,
I'll never forget you, wind of God,
Remembering Jesus as he trod.

Zooming, you batter my form again,
Whistling, the wind of men,
You don't give up, you come and go,
Look carefully for Jesus, lo!

Horses' neighs are captured here,
As the wind flies through grass dear,
The neighing wells up in my heart,
And with my land I cannot part.

Trees shake at the sound,
Of the wind, a hunting hound,
It howls and barks as it will,
Beware, ship--it will kill.

So listen carefully, when you hear,
The sound of the wind, the wind dear,
Listen carefully, for the sound,
Of the wind--a hunting hound.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Narnia pictures... sweet!!

So, I love Narnia, so here's some pictures of Narnia with my commentary.

Bows are pretty sweet... yup...

"Stay back, wolf!!"

If I was her I would've freaked out.

Favorite pic!!!

Hope ya enjoyed that!!


Congrats for Piano!!!!

So, I didn't really make this official, but now it's official!! I'm awarding the "Most Comments On All of Storyteller's Blogs" award to Piano Bookworm! Congrats, Piano!!!

Yep, pretty sweet trophy, huh? 

Just a few reminders--if you like writing stories, please enter in one of my story contests!! There's a contest here on Rubberboot Girl and one on one of my other blogs, Dragonmaster. I love it if a lot of you participated! If you have any questions, I believe I know have a question page on all my blogs (here on Rubberboot, on Dragonmaster [link above], and on Storyteller of Weston County). If you want to ask one of my book characters a question, you can ask it on this blog underneath the page "Ask!!" (Yes, I'm not opening that past Connie, Gavin, and Tracy). If you'd like to vote on what you'd like me to post more of, please look for the poll with the things that I've suggested and vote!! I believe that's on all my blogs, too. And if you're new, please interact!!!!

Just a few new things--I'm going to try and do the "Most Comments On All of Storyteller's Blogs" award about every month. If you'd like to receive this award, then you'd better start cracking!! ;) JK Just be yourself. I might be handing out some other kind of awards, too, just for fun. ;D Also, if you visit, I'd love it if you left a link to your own blog (if you have one)!! Yep, and I might add you on my "this blog is safe" list. ;)



Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fave Music

OK, so since I write a lot, I usually have what I like to call "mood music"--that is, music that gets me into the mood for a story (I also just like to listen to music!!!). Here are my top favorite music this week (and the ones that mostly helped me get through Olivia McCarthy):

"Me Without You", by tobyMac
"Proof of Your Love", by For King and Country
And (I just started listening to this today, but it's going to be Olivia McCarthy 2 music) "Can't Get Over You", by Anthem Lights

Yep!!! Bye!!!


Cat in the Garden Hose

Hi, this here's Storyteller!!! (I have to say that now because Connie, Gavin, and Tracy are on this blog so much). :)

So, hope you're having a great day...... and been visiting lots of cool blogs...... and most of all feeling that God's really in your life.

Anyway, so what's up??? OK, so I have a kind of funny story. My cat (the on that's not fat and stays in the barn) was outside, and so I was spending some time with her when my dog (the one with the five puppies) comes racing out, barking and yapping, and chases her all the way to our used-to-be storage tent. (yes, I did say tent). I was really bummed because I had to spend time with the cat, and I was calling her, but she wouldn't come out. Then the dog wandered off. (yeah, you were lots of help). Finally, I lifted the back tent flap and saw my cat, sitting there--in a hose that had been rolled up. Yep, I'm not joking!!! A garden hose. A real garden hose. And my cat was sitting in it like it was the luxurious pillow of Persia or something. It was pretty funny. =D

 Don't forget to vote on what you'd like to see more of on this blog!! Questions? Please just go to the questions page!!! I'd love it if you'd leave a comment, or if you followed me!! Bye, ya'll!!!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More from Connie =^)

Hey!!! This is Connie. Yep. So, guess what?? My story's coming right along!!! I've finally finished telling Storyteller what happened at that time in my life, so you know that means?? Storyteller's going to start writing on it!!!!! Yep..... pretty sweet.......

Other than that....... Olivia McCarthy's story coming along pretty well!!!!!! Storyteller's been working really hard on her story. Tracy's captivated by it. Storyteller's counted on you guys out there telling Storyteller what you think of it!!!!!!!! And, just to say, no, Olivia's not perfect (we've heard that before). :)

So--what's today's topic??
Fruit Salad!
Yes, I am talking about chopping up fruit together. No, Gavin, this was not your idea.
So, recently Tracy and I just made a fruit salad! It was delicious. Ever made a fruit salad? Our fruit salad had like A LOT of fruit in it!!!! Mango, green apples, cherries, strawberries, peaches, and plums. Yep, it was good!! Then we put sugar and lemon juice on it. Let's just say that we were dining in style for breakfast!!!! Since Gavin had to leave early for practice this morning he only got a granola bar. I think he was slightly jealous.

Anyway, please vote on the poll at the bottom of this blog about what you'd like to see more of!!! And, as always, please ask questions on the Questions page!!!

Bye for now!!!

Connie =^)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random stuff from Gavin

Hey!!! This is Gavin. (I read Tracy's post, so I decided I should probably write something). 

I don't know if you know this, but Storyteller's got puppies!! There's five of them--Mindy (girl), Mitzi (girl), Bree (girl), Buddy (boy), and Baby (girl). Yep, lots and lots of girls!!! (Personally, I'm thinking about taking Buddy...... he's so cute.....). My favorite is Buddy. Tracy's is Mitzi ("she has fire in her belly!!"). And I think Connie likes them all. I'm not quite sure. But, anyway......

Yesterday I was working on 4-H stuff. Do you guys do 4-H?? Tracy and I do, though Connie doesn't; she's busy enough already, what with school and the upkeep of her grandpa and grandma's property. Tracy likes doing lots of stuff--visual arts, photography, cooking, fashion, dog, cat, archeology, woodwork, pocket pets, leather-working, archery--yep, lots of stuff!!! (her pocket pet is a lizard she just found awhile back--don't ask). I just do stuff like archery, pistol, and rifle (though I do do some of the archeology, because it reminds of Indiana Jones or something). Yep, pretty sweet!!!

Yesterday Storyteller was telling us all (Connie, Tracy, and I) about Storyteller's new story. I think Storyteller said it was about a girl named Olivia McCarthy. I think she's an actress, or something like that. It's pretty cool, though!! We got to read part of it. I think it's going to be great!!!

Questions?? Please just go to the Questions page!!!! 

That's all for now!! Bye!!!!

Gavin =D

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grin Again Gang!

Okay, can you wrap your tongue around this one? I'm afraid I can't tell you the tune, but see how quickly you can say the following words!

Grin again gang get gung ho about Jesus!
Smile sweetly sister so you'll send Satan sadly awayyy!
Buck up brother Bill because a batch of bitter boys becomes a batch of better boys behind a big, big smile.
Grin again gang get gung ho about Jesus!

OK, that's all for now!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey ya'll... what's up?

Hi! This here's Tracy (yeah, yeah, I know--two from me before you hear back from Gavin; but, really, I mean I personally like myself better than my brother, no-offense-awesomest-brother-ever, OK?).

So..... yeah..... what's up?? Basically Connie went and told me that somebody had to go and write on this blog, and, hey, I love this blog!! (besides, Gavin had football practice and Connie had something-or-other, so who else could do it?) Just to say, Storyteller wanted me to thank Piano Bookworm for all of the comments that Piano's posted!! Apparently Piano has like the "most comments on Storyteller's blogs" award. Pretty sweet, huh?? That's what I thought!! Congrats, Piano!!!!!!!

Anyway...... swinging it back around...... I've been reading a LOT lately!!! Since our dear friend Storyteller's such a writer, Storyteller's been having me read Storyteller's stories because, seriously, I've already scoured the local library from top to bottom!! Thank goodness that I finally have more stories (especially since I can kind of help Storyteller with the writing, like, should this happen or shouldn't it?? "Storyteller!!!! He can't marry HER!!!!!" Yeah, anyway......)

Other things...... I guess you've all heard that Storyteller's been working on our SECOND story. So what do ya'll think?? Should Connie's dad or shouldn't he be found?? (Storyteller's counting on you, Piano Bookworm ;D)

Just to say... Storyteller's been checking the stats. There's people from all over the world on here!! (I mean, this IS the internet). Anyway, Storyteller would love it if ya'll would leave a comment or vote on one of the polls!!!!

Hey, that's all for now!!! Bye!!!!!!!

Tracy =D

Friday, July 6, 2012

Some help!!

Hey, ya'll!

Hope you're enjoying my stories and all that good stuff! =D New to blogging and don't know how to follow people? Here's how! Just go to your blogger dashboard. See where it says "reading list"? Click the "add" button and put the web address of the blog you want to follow there, and click "follow"! It's easy and lots of fun!

Hope that was helpful!

Also--don't know how to comment but want to comment on your friends' blogs? If you don't have a gmail account, there's still no sweat! Go to where it says "pick profile". Click the Name/URL button at the bottom. Fill in the name you want to go by in the "name" place and then write your comment! If you friends don't already have this option, it's easy to put it up! On your blogger menu, you'll see something at the bottom that says "settings" (right underneath "template", I believe...). Click it and then click "Posts and comments". It'll say "allow anonymous users", which you click. Then your friends will be able to post!!



Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!!! Late, I know!!

Sorry I'm a little late about this but....... happy 4th of July!!!! Have you guys watched the Pixar movie Brave yet??? I just got to watch it yesterday!! I liked the characters, but it wasn't as much as I expected of it. Know what I mean??

Hope you guys have a great day!!


P.S. Got some new stories going!!!! =D

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Book review--Dive

Book review--Dive

Author: Gordon Korman
Book series
Category: historical, adventure, modern

The Dive book series by Gordon Korman is a thriller you won't want to miss!

What lies in the deep? Not just coral and sand. Not just undersea creatures that have never seen the light. No, the deep holds something even more mysterious and valuable. Kaz, Dante, Adriana, and Star started the summer thinking they were going to study marine life. Now they've found sunken treasure. And they're not the only ones who want to keep it...

(ask parents!) ;)

Happy reading!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Story Contest Reminder

See the story contest? Please enter!* I'd love to have lots of entries!


*Rules apply

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi, this is Connie! Prayer?

Hey, this is Connie!

Thankfully, you just caught me. I was about to take off for church, but then Norah got sick, so we're not going to Sunday school. We're going to be leaving in a little bit, but I thought I'd talk to you for a little bit first.

Our subject today is going to be on prayer. Have you ever felt like everybody else around you whose praying is just saying kind of script? Or maybe your prayers definitely aren't as good as theirs? Or maybe you're just scared to death of praying in front of people? I, personally, struggle with all of these things. To me, it feels like sometimes people always have the perfect prayers, as if they'd memorized them or something, or they're just trying to make a show.
   I know sometimes they're really being sincere, so that doesn't always bother me. But sometimes it does... and it makes me feel like a shmuck. I mean, for goodness sakes--I'm a new believer (if you've read my story, you know just how new). And sometimes, when people ask me to pray, I just want to freeze and not say anything.
    What's the reason? For me, it's like they're all watching to see if I can do a good, "Christian" prayer. But I can't do it, because for me, it's like then I'm just saying the words and not talking to my heavenly Father. But Grandma Beacon has told me something--"It doesn't matter what they think; this conversation is between you and God; nobody else. They can't judge your heart. God knows what's going on inside, and he knows what you're praying for before you even utter the words."
    So, it's not about those other people. It's about you and God, your own personal conversation that nobody can but into.

Gotta go to church! Bye!

Connie ;)