Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Wind

The blows softly through the trees,
The sound of the waves of the seas,
Whistling through the cave dark,
Quietly, like a beautiful shy lark.

Whistling, flying past my ear,
Always there, throughout the year,
I'll never forget you, wind of God,
Remembering Jesus as he trod.

Zooming, you batter my form again,
Whistling, the wind of men,
You don't give up, you come and go,
Look carefully for Jesus, lo!

Horses' neighs are captured here,
As the wind flies through grass dear,
The neighing wells up in my heart,
And with my land I cannot part.

Trees shake at the sound,
Of the wind, a hunting hound,
It howls and barks as it will,
Beware, ship--it will kill.

So listen carefully, when you hear,
The sound of the wind, the wind dear,
Listen carefully, for the sound,
Of the wind--a hunting hound.



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