Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Haywire Conversation

Hi!!!! This is Connie.

And Gavin.

And Tracy. Don't forget me!!! =D

Yes, yes, but anyway, we've decided that it's about time we made another post!

Uh, like, yeah!!!!! We haven't posted in like forever!!!!!!!! Are you guys ready to have some fun?

Haha, sis, settle down some!! They've just started to read this!!!! I doubt they're quite ready to do what we have in store for them. What's that? You're ready? Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Very funny Gavin. Hahaha. So, today we have something very interesting to do....................... Take a quiz!!! Yay!!!!!!!! What? You guys don't like quizzes? Well, that's a bummer! Let's see..... Tracy, would you please check the poll?

Sure thing..... CONSTANCE!! 

Ahem, it's Connie. And thank you. What's winning?


OK, so what have been voted on?

Quizzes and Contests, Other, Random Facts, and Posts by characters in Connie McGraw's story.

Hey! That's me!

Yes, Connie, we know.  So, we're going to have to improvise. Right? I mean, really......

OK, so I guess this post takes care of two things.

What's that?

Other and Posts by characters in Connie McGraw's story.

We're OTHER?!?!

Relax, Tracy! Seriously!

OK, well, that's all for now! Thanks guys for joining us on a haywire conversation!

Yep!!!!! Thanks a lot for reading!!!!!

Bring donuts!

Connie and Gavin: What?!


That was strange.

Very strange.

All: Goodbye! ;)


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    1. Thanks! :) Is that "Other" enoughy kind of not really because it's really kind of more the characters? =D


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