Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random stuff from Gavin

Hey!!! This is Gavin. (I read Tracy's post, so I decided I should probably write something). 

I don't know if you know this, but Storyteller's got puppies!! There's five of them--Mindy (girl), Mitzi (girl), Bree (girl), Buddy (boy), and Baby (girl). Yep, lots and lots of girls!!! (Personally, I'm thinking about taking Buddy...... he's so cute.....). My favorite is Buddy. Tracy's is Mitzi ("she has fire in her belly!!"). And I think Connie likes them all. I'm not quite sure. But, anyway......

Yesterday I was working on 4-H stuff. Do you guys do 4-H?? Tracy and I do, though Connie doesn't; she's busy enough already, what with school and the upkeep of her grandpa and grandma's property. Tracy likes doing lots of stuff--visual arts, photography, cooking, fashion, dog, cat, archeology, woodwork, pocket pets, leather-working, archery--yep, lots of stuff!!! (her pocket pet is a lizard she just found awhile back--don't ask). I just do stuff like archery, pistol, and rifle (though I do do some of the archeology, because it reminds of Indiana Jones or something). Yep, pretty sweet!!!

Yesterday Storyteller was telling us all (Connie, Tracy, and I) about Storyteller's new story. I think Storyteller said it was about a girl named Olivia McCarthy. I think she's an actress, or something like that. It's pretty cool, though!! We got to read part of it. I think it's going to be great!!!

Questions?? Please just go to the Questions page!!!! 

That's all for now!! Bye!!!!

Gavin =D

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