Monday, July 16, 2012

Rubberboot Girl

Rubberboot Girl
Her boots sloshed in the water,
The day couldn't have gotten hotter,
She walked through the trees,
Listening to the humming of bees.
It's summertime now, no time to waste,
I have a cherry pie for you to taste,
Now come on, now, there's the fair!
Don't put that frog on my head, don't you dare!
Rubberboot Girl, a girl like no other,
She's got three sisters and not a brother,
She lives in the country by her two friends,
Right where the path of life comes and bends.
Rubberboot Girl, Connie by name,
She will always stay the same.
If you come looking for her now,
Maybe you see her; or a cow.
Rubberboot Girl, caring for her friends,
Living by the path of life where it bends,
Now looking closely, towards the sky,
'Cause then you'll see you and I.


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