Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Random Letter by Jessie Bender

Dear Readers,

That up there^ really IS just random.

Oh, yeah, by the way--this is Jessie.

Hey, what's up??

Yes, I'm finally back from New York and in my sweet little Dayton, Ohio!!! Gah, I love you. =D

I'm pretty much sure I never want to go back to New York. EVER.

Thanks to some of the kids, we were stuck in our hotel a lot, anyway.


Noah admits that he hadn't been TRYING to get in trouble, but when who is?

Let's just say that my best friend needs to read a book called "what you're supposed to do and what you're not supposed to do when you're on a school trip in New York City".

(not that there is such a book. But there should be.)

Anyway, life's back to slowness.


(actually, somebody want to tell me why I always see that^< on facebook????)(thanks)

Bye!! :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Wind in the Willows--on a Monday

I kind of missed the Wind in the Willows, so I'm doing it today. =D A little clarifying on the rules--to do this with me, take the picture off and answer the questions by me in a post on your blog. =D

Anyway, here are your questions:

1) Do you want to watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green--if you haven't already--? And if you did watch it, why did you not or why did you like it?

[my answer: yes, I want to watch it]

2) Are you excited for The Hobbit??


3) Do you know Pinterest really is? If you do, explain it, please.

[me: I don't know. That's why I asked it. =D All I know is that it has something to do with pictures...]

4) What would be your ideal job?


5) Who is the person that you've gotten to know the most (who you don't already know) through blogger?

[hmm..... not sure......]

6) What is your favorite story? (Bible stories don't count, the Bible doesn't count, etc.)

[uhh....][p.s. I don't expect this from the rest of you lol]

7) What's your favorite blog name?

[I'm not sure. I've seen lots of cool ones!!]

8) Why did you choose your blog name that you have currently?

[on Dragonmaster? Because of my book characters. Visit Alex'n'Andria]

9) Have you ever changed your blog name? And if so, why?

[umm..... I like my name (a lot!!), but if I absolutely HAD to change the name, I'd probably changed it to something like Is There a Dragon on Your Head? (something funny) or Randomness is My Middle Name (random haha) or Chronicles (*Heidi*) or Moondust (don't know why.... just random....) or Wish Upon a Star (random) or Landing Among the Stars (random) or... yeah.....]

10) Do you like Riley Poole from National Treasure ("Delicous jams and jellies??") better or Samwise Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings ("I can't carry the ring, but I can carry you!") better?

[urggh!!!! I'd have to say Sam. :P]

Can't wait to see your answers!! :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Randomness 101

The most popular subject of blogs, as far as I can see, are American Girl dolls. :)

These blogs are also very awesome, by the way!! :)

The second maybe being Hunger Games blogs or story blogs??

I think ballerinas and dancers are AWESOME. When I was a little girl, I used to want to be one. I got a few lessons, but then we moved. :(

(Cool picture< by the way, huh??)

I once saw a bat. Actually, it was in my play house and nearly flew right in my face. I admit it. I screamed. But it was really little and it was pretty much hilarious because there were other people other, too. :P

In the sense that it's never too late to accept Jesus Christ, I agree.
I officially love this photo. =D
Yep. Especially because I made that.^ ;D

I suppose I should stop the randomness.


I believe I missed that....^

And that really IS all. =D

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Letter (FINALLY!) from Abigail Jane Applegate

Dear Readers,

I am scared for my father's safety. It has been many months since I have heard from him. People who go through the town often talk about how the war is bloody and horrible. I managed to talk to a drummer boy just the other day. He told me what he had seen. He looked down, his eyes full of tears.
    "Miss," he whispered, "you should praise the Lord your God if your father comes back alive in one piece." Then he ran off after his company.
I am horrified. Come back in one piece? Of course my father must come back in one piece. He is my father. He should live many more long years after this. But shall he?

My mother, for our safety, has decided that we must spend the winter in our grandmother's plantation down in the Carolinas.

There is my sketch of her plantation. I believe that it is a beautiful place, but my heart is full of fear. I talked to another boy who had run away with the army. He told me of plantations that have been overrun by soldiers, from both sides, and sometimes the occupants are killed. Though my father is a Patriot, my grandmother is a Loyalist, so perhaps we shall at least be spared by the English. I do now know if the Patriots have robbed any of the plantations, but I shudder to think of seeing my own father raiding a place that was home to one of his own fellow Americans.

I shall keep you updated.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A quiz

I nearly forgot. Poem Girl did an awesome quiz for her book characters and she wanted me to share it with you!!! :)

(left in Poem Girl's own words)

here’s some descriptions Ariella: Dark Brown hair, black/brown eye’s, 
tan complexion, tall, and usually accompanied by her horse star. 
Cathrine: wavy perfect blond hair, blue eyes, pale complexion, tallish, 
and is usually found in Misty Glade forest. Lissie: Long straight chestnut hair,
blue eye’s, pale complexion, kinda tall. Okay so here it is :)

Cathrine Weatherbane Quiz 

(1) When faced with a difficult decision you…

a. Ponder forever knowing you have to figure this out on your own

b. Make a really hasty decision you end up regretting 

c. Find an adult they understand this stuff better anyways 

(2) You came to get some information but you get kidnapped instead what do you do…

a. Throw your head back and knock the guy out

b. Stand and glare at the person who betrayed you

c. Scream like crazy and then faint

(3) You’re lost in the Fall Forest suddenly an elderly lady appears you…

a. politely Bow and then ask for help

b. Hold your head high and ask for directions 

c. Faint you’ve been walking for hours and you’re not used to this much exercise maybe the lady will help you anyways

(4) The elderly lady turns out to know you and she offers you advice and any horse you wish for your journey you choose…

a. The White Arabian she’s clever, fast, and strong 

b. The white dappled she’s agile and mysterious just like you

c. The Brown mare she’s gentle and not easily startled so you’re not likely to fall off 

(5) You’ve finally arrived at your destination which is…

a. A quiet place where you can hone your dagger skills

b. A Mossy castle Ruin 

c. The palace you grew up in where you know you’ll be petted and praised 

Mostly a’s ~ You’re Ariella 

Mostly b’s ~ You’re Cathrine

Mostly c’s ~ You’re Lissie 


Ariella: Ariella is smart and good with her hands her weapon of choice… dagger .
Ariella was born on a farm and her father taught her how to ride and hunt at the age of seven she lived parents until she turned 14 then she left with her horse Star to tour the world 

Cathrine: Cathrine’s agile, kind, and her curiosity tends to get her into trouble her weapon of choice… Bow and arrows. 
Cathine’s life is very mysterious she grew up neither knowing her parents nor her where she came from certainly not where she is now! 

Lissie: Lissie is Sweet and a bit of a sissy she tends to shy a way from adventures but is pulled into one anyways. Sometimes she can come off as spoiled but she means well her weapon of choice… Um does screaming count?
Lissie was born in a foreign kingdom to Lord and Lady Swan they pampered and petted her all her life teaching and she’d never dream of leaving except… she was kidnapped but she gets out of it all right still she’s far away from home and she can’t wait to get back all she needs is companions to take her.

And here are the prizes that Poem Girl made. :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

I AM working on it..... ;D

I know maybe a lot of you haven't read the story.

But if you have, I know I've been keeping you waiting for a long time.

So guess what?

I've started writing again on the Olivia McCarthy series.

Her second book, the one I'm working on now called Olivia McCarthy: The Key Secrets, is about half-way through!

But if I keep at it, I might just finish it today......

Or at least pretty soon..... ;)

Keep an eye out for it!!!! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Wind in the Willows

Yep. But I guess a lot of you guys don't really understand what "the wind in the willows" really means. At least, you probably don't understand it in the way that I'M doing it.

Anyway, so what happens is I come up with lots of questions and answer them. Why don't you join me? Pull off the picture, leave a link to my blog in case somebody else wants to do it, too, answer the questions, and have fun!!! (Or you could put this picture on your sidebar. Either way, we want to make sure that it'll be easy for others to do!!) :)

I'm hoping to make this an annual Thursday thing. :)

OK, you guys ready for the questions?? ;D (and my answers.....)

1. Who do you think should win the presidential election?

Man, this is a hard question even for ME. I'd say Jesus. <3

2. Republican or Democrat?


3. Outside or inside?

Inside. :) (unless I had a laptop... then maybe outside.....)

4. Random blog or story blog?

Both!! ;D

5. Christian or other? If other, what is your "other"?

I am a Christian. :)

6. Abigail Jane Applegate or Jessie Bender? (if this gets passed along and there's some confusion, people, they're right on this blog so why you're at it you can read up, eh? ;D Or you can skip this question... but only if you're really irked at me..... ;D)

Jessie Bender. =D

7. Sweaters or sweatshirts?

Both. :)

And that's the end of The Wind in the Willows for today. :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dear Readers,

Yes! It's me! Coming back with capitals and correct words!! I LOVE YOU CAPITALS!!!!! Anyway, so how are you guys doing? Good?

I know you're wondering. Actually, this isn't Summer's computer. Apparently Noah had one, but his Mom had just called and said he couldn't use it because of the Cheng episode, so he let me have it. Lucky me. =D

Anyway, not much is happening since Noah and Summer are getting in trouble left and right.

I'll keep you updated.

I'm thinking I'm going to be keeping Noah's laptop for like forever. :P

hey this is jessie.

hey this is jessie. im just going 2 say it now i really cant wait until we get back 2 dayton. this texting business is killing me. anyway so the big news is that summer is in huge trouble Bcause she was gone all day 2day. we dont have any idea where she was. she wont tell us. she wont tell anybody. i don't even think she would tell noah if he asked her. i dont think she was up 2 any good that's what i'll say. mostly we keep on getting stuck in the hotel. cough cough summer cough cough noah cough cough. i did get to hear though that i was in a quiz that storyteller did of me. i love it that i was like the most popular. :) my special thanks to everybody who took it. anyway i'm going to try and wrestle the use of summer's computer. i'll be back. <3 jessie

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Music day!!!!! :)

Yes. I have refrained from it this long.

But welcome to Storyteller unleashed with music!!!!!! =D

I LOVE listening to music while I write.

Some of my favorites are the songs from the Narnia (1st) soundtrack.

Good song. :)
Equally good song. :)
Favorite song. :)

So that's more for like writing stories and everything. (and don't be shy about checking out the rest of the songs!!! I was just afraid that if I swamped ya you'd be like "what on earth am I supposed to do with all of this music?!" So that's why :D)

Anyway, so one of my favorite Christian artists is a band called MercyMe.
"You Are I Am." LOVE. THIS. SONG.

Another of my favorite artists is Britt Nicole.
(I like this song, but I think it would've been better if Lacrae hadn't been in it. :P)
Good. Song. :)

I hope you haven't been totally swamped with songs, because I have one more. :)


Anyway, I hope you're still alive. =D



Monday, October 15, 2012

Will it ever end?

I walk across the sand,
It sinks through my toes,
The wind tugs my hair
As across the land it goes.
Will it ever end?

The water washes over me,
I can't stop it now or ever,
Should I push the fatal button,
Or should I push this lever?
Will it ever end?

I walk through the door,
My feet going across the wood,
I would follow the girl,
If only I could.
Will it ever end?

An unconscious pull at me,
It batters me like the wind,
I was doing good in the sword fight,
Until against the wall I was pinned.
Will it ever end?

I don't think it will ever end,
This pull of my spirit and heart,
That started pulling on my soul,
Right at the start.
Will it ever end?

I gave it hold--it's sin, you see,
I gave it hold that day,
And now I throw all of the good things,
Over my shoulder, away.
Will it ever end?

I want to find them again,
Truly, I really do.
But if I got there,
Jesus, will I find you?
Will it ever end?

And now I'm here now, Jesus,
In your loving arms,
And I know that you must know,
What brought wasn't your charms.
What brought me was your love,
Your everlasting love,
That comes down like pouring rain,
On me from above.
You love with all your heart, Jesus,
Even though I threw you out,
When I was being attacked,
You protected me from the clout,
You saved me, oh my Lord,
You saved me from a fatal end,
And to me a helping hand,
At the beginning you did lend.
I am happy now, Jesus,
Thankful for your saving grace,
The thing that brought me to you,
Right in the first place.

And, now, Jesus?

Now it's finally ended.

I'm yours.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

like seriously :P

the statue of liberty was gr8. u should've been there. ;D anyway so like we're having problems. summer and a few of the other girls went & snuck out of the hotel the other day & got in mucho troubleo. i still dont know what on earth they were doing so i went and told noah that he had to find out since he'd given me a heartattack at the library. he said that summer wouldn't talk to him. makes me wonder what about you? i dont think that summer's life is going to end well. :P or how about summer's summer lol =D anyway i'm pretty sure that mrs. mossfield is getting fed up with all of the shenanigans. believe me she's not going 2 B the only 1 who's going 2 B thankful when all of this is over. (yeah like there's me) anyway i'm going 2 try and convince summer 2 let me use her computer again. i think that mom's going to kill me for using so many texts. i'll just have 2 tell her that it's Bcause of u guys. :P anyway i'll talk 2 u later. <3 jessie

Thursday, October 11, 2012

This is Abigail. Something has come up.

I have to write quickly. My father has gone off to war against England. Mother says we have to leave Boston. She fears bad things are brewing. Please pray for me. I shall be going into the country to live with my uncle. Who will survive this war?

Monday, October 8, 2012


I have no idea why I picked this picture. I just like it. Besides, I guess it's part of randomness, isn't it? ;D

I don't know if you would agree,
But I would say,
That blogs can vent randomness,
Like about every day.
It's always fun to ramble,
(I do it like a lot),
But sometimes there's seriousness,
That needs to be sought,
Like the choice of your end,
Where you shall go,
When the seven trumpets sound,
They give the last blow.
And other times there're fun things,
Like randomness (aka me),
And of course there's other things
Than randomness, you see.
There could be stories,
Or maybe a small joke,
Or maybe a tale,
Of an old cowpoke.
And other times you just
Want to fall in,
Want to fall into a flowing melody,
That's not been touched by sin,
That flows off the tongue,
Like water from a brook,
Like grabbing a story,
And hiding in a nook.
Like running through the woods,
Running, you and I,
Running faster than the stream,
Higher than the sky.

Now wait just a moment,
No I won't show that picture again,
I know I've kind of overused it,
But now it's in the pen,
I'm going to start being more creative,
At least I hope I will,
So I will definitely add more to this,
But still.......
I don't know if you guys totally like randomness,
Love personally I love it like a lot,
I love writing stories, too,
So here's to that, dot-dot-dot.....

Friday, October 5, 2012

yeah this is me--jessie

summer's computer broke down so now i have 2 go back 2 texting. :P ok so we kept on searching 4 noah and i was about 2 start totally yelling for him (believe me everybody wouldve been staring at me) when all of a sudden i saw him talking 2 like this chinese kid. i ran over to him and was about to scream like "noah there you are why on earth did you scare us to death?!" when noah turned, smiled at me like nothing was wrong, and continued to talk to the kid. curious i walked up and started to listen. the kid was talking about like wow football. come on noah. you scared us to death because you were talk to a kid about football? i was sure mrs. mossfield was going 2 like kill him. but apparently she hadnt noticed him yet. noah nodded as the kid said something else and then turned to me. "this is cheng," he told me. "he lives here in new york." well like duh. anyway i nodded and noah introduced me to him and then finally mrs. mossfield saw us and ran over. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!" (you should really appreciate it that i just texted all of that because it was like really hard with all of the caps) noah always calm answered he was talking to a kid. thats when cheng announced he had to go and thats when mrs. mossfield exploded and announced that we were going back to the hotel.

newer news: we're going to be visiting the statue of liberty tomorrow. the reason that i haven't been sending any messages 2 U guys is Bcause like we've been stuck in the hotel Bcause of noah. thanks dude. anyway, later. <3 jessie

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've been unleashed. My barrier of holding back randomness has broke.

You've got it.

Right there.

It says it all up there^.

"A Day of Randomness."

Because I've been going on and on and on about Jessie Bender's and Abigail Jane Applewhite's story.

So I suppose I can allow myself at least one day of complete and absolute randomness--the complete and absolute randomness that my body is craving at the moment.

But--first of all. The big announcement.

I'm working on getting a book published.

Like I'm seriously working on it.

As in we're working on the final editing before we send a query letter into a publisher.

Yeah, I know.

Sweet, huh?

Of course, it could take months after that before they get back to us.

But if they get back sooner?


OK, and what's the story?

I'm going to be sending in my Connie McGraw story.

Also--news on that.

I'm going to change the one book into a series.

So far I've already mapped out the next three books.

Keep an eye out for them. ;D

By the way, I'll you guys if I ever get it published.

Or if I send a query letter in.

Or anything amazing like that.

Farewell. :)

See? I told you I was going random on you. =D

Are you

If you're called that by any of your family members, consider yourself officially awarded. =D

How do you like this one? I thought it was pretty cool..... until I had another idea...... ;D

Hey, look! There's YOU! JK hahahaha =D

I hope you don't think I'm crazy.

I'm really just being random. :)

If you've been with me for awhile, you'll know that that used to be my header..... ;D Of course, that was before I'd discovered the idea of PicMonkey..... :)

You're probably going bananas by all of my rambling.

So farewell.

Hope you have a good day.

God bless!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More About Me--Abigail Jane Applegate

Dear Readers,

My mother told me that I should tell you more about myself. I suppose 'tis a good idea. As you already know, my full name is Abigail Jane Applegate, and you know that I am of fourteen years of age and that I am tall and slender. 'Tis true, all of it.

My hair is long and brown, and my eyes of a peculiar brown flecked with several colors. My face is pale, such is the style for young ladies in my age. I also have a particular dislike of our mop caps that we always have to wear.

Yes, 'tis horrible, isn't it?

Our dresses can be horrible, too. Aye, they pull so much on you. At least since I'm so slender, that at home my mother does not make me wear a corset. I'm afraid that my sisters, Beth and Mary, have to wear them, though. They are not yet to the age of thirteen, and yet they are as plump of pigs.

Here is a sketch of my mother's best dress.

Looks like a horror, does it not? My mother tells me often that next year, it shall be mine.

That's Beth. She's giving me a strange look. It makes me feel strange as I sit here, writing at the table on the porch.

Isn't she adorable, though?

Anyway, I am going off on a bunny trail. Aye, my mother says that much to me.

I live in a beautiful town in Virginia. I have already showed you my house. (Go to the second post below.) Other than Beth (5) and Mary (8), I have two older brothers, too.

William has gone off and married a beautiful girl and lives now in Williamsburg. But thankfully John is still here with us. I do not think I would be able to feel sane if he wasn't. He is my best friend.

I admit it. I do not have many lady friends. In fact, I don't have any. My mother complains that it's because my face is plain. (John says that it isn't, bless his heart.)

I would say it's because I'm so quiet.

Really, if you were to meet me, you might think that I was bored or something.

That's me over there, by the way. I know that it looks like I have blonde hair, but, really, I have brown. It just sometimes looks like it's blonde. I really hope you don't agree with my mother that I'm plain. I really can't help it.

I am very simple. I like hard work and writing poems to myself. Some people would think that I am crazy, but I would love to go to a university some day, just like all of the boys. My mother says that I should be looking for a husband, not day-dreaming about some university. But get married? I cannot imagine it. John agrees with me and says that he could never imagine me, his beloved sister, married to someone.

So I guess that's all about me. I hope you enjoy the rest of my life.