Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A quiz

I nearly forgot. Poem Girl did an awesome quiz for her book characters and she wanted me to share it with you!!! :)

(left in Poem Girl's own words)

here’s some descriptions Ariella: Dark Brown hair, black/brown eye’s, 
tan complexion, tall, and usually accompanied by her horse star. 
Cathrine: wavy perfect blond hair, blue eyes, pale complexion, tallish, 
and is usually found in Misty Glade forest. Lissie: Long straight chestnut hair,
blue eye’s, pale complexion, kinda tall. Okay so here it is :)

Cathrine Weatherbane Quiz 

(1) When faced with a difficult decision you…

a. Ponder forever knowing you have to figure this out on your own

b. Make a really hasty decision you end up regretting 

c. Find an adult they understand this stuff better anyways 

(2) You came to get some information but you get kidnapped instead what do you do…

a. Throw your head back and knock the guy out

b. Stand and glare at the person who betrayed you

c. Scream like crazy and then faint

(3) You’re lost in the Fall Forest suddenly an elderly lady appears you…

a. politely Bow and then ask for help

b. Hold your head high and ask for directions 

c. Faint you’ve been walking for hours and you’re not used to this much exercise maybe the lady will help you anyways

(4) The elderly lady turns out to know you and she offers you advice and any horse you wish for your journey you choose…

a. The White Arabian she’s clever, fast, and strong 

b. The white dappled she’s agile and mysterious just like you

c. The Brown mare she’s gentle and not easily startled so you’re not likely to fall off 

(5) You’ve finally arrived at your destination which is…

a. A quiet place where you can hone your dagger skills

b. A Mossy castle Ruin 

c. The palace you grew up in where you know you’ll be petted and praised 

Mostly a’s ~ You’re Ariella 

Mostly b’s ~ You’re Cathrine

Mostly c’s ~ You’re Lissie 


Ariella: Ariella is smart and good with her hands her weapon of choice… dagger .
Ariella was born on a farm and her father taught her how to ride and hunt at the age of seven she lived parents until she turned 14 then she left with her horse Star to tour the world 

Cathrine: Cathrine’s agile, kind, and her curiosity tends to get her into trouble her weapon of choice… Bow and arrows. 
Cathine’s life is very mysterious she grew up neither knowing her parents nor her where she came from certainly not where she is now! 

Lissie: Lissie is Sweet and a bit of a sissy she tends to shy a way from adventures but is pulled into one anyways. Sometimes she can come off as spoiled but she means well her weapon of choice… Um does screaming count?
Lissie was born in a foreign kingdom to Lord and Lady Swan they pampered and petted her all her life teaching and she’d never dream of leaving except… she was kidnapped but she gets out of it all right still she’s far away from home and she can’t wait to get back all she needs is companions to take her.

And here are the prizes that Poem Girl made. :)


  1. I am exactly half Ariella and half Cathrine, with one Lissie thrown in...=P

    1. Thanks for taking the quiz!! I'm Catherine. So mysterious. :P

    2. Which award do I take, I wonder?

  2. I'm a mix between Catherine and Ariella.

    1. Awesome!! :) Thanks for taking Poem Girl's quiz!! :)

  3. My answers:

    So I guess I'm Cathrine. Coolz.

  4. Cool! This sounds like it could be turned into a greta book! I'm Ariella, but Lissie as a close second. Though, when I read the description at the button, Cathrine sounded most like me... ;D

  5. Dear Storyteller and whoever else took the quiz,

    Thanks a ton! And if you feel like dropping in and
    reading the first chapter here's my blog...

    Thanks storyteller for posting the quiz!

    Your Friend
    Poem Girl


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