Monday, October 15, 2012

Will it ever end?

I walk across the sand,
It sinks through my toes,
The wind tugs my hair
As across the land it goes.
Will it ever end?

The water washes over me,
I can't stop it now or ever,
Should I push the fatal button,
Or should I push this lever?
Will it ever end?

I walk through the door,
My feet going across the wood,
I would follow the girl,
If only I could.
Will it ever end?

An unconscious pull at me,
It batters me like the wind,
I was doing good in the sword fight,
Until against the wall I was pinned.
Will it ever end?

I don't think it will ever end,
This pull of my spirit and heart,
That started pulling on my soul,
Right at the start.
Will it ever end?

I gave it hold--it's sin, you see,
I gave it hold that day,
And now I throw all of the good things,
Over my shoulder, away.
Will it ever end?

I want to find them again,
Truly, I really do.
But if I got there,
Jesus, will I find you?
Will it ever end?

And now I'm here now, Jesus,
In your loving arms,
And I know that you must know,
What brought wasn't your charms.
What brought me was your love,
Your everlasting love,
That comes down like pouring rain,
On me from above.
You love with all your heart, Jesus,
Even though I threw you out,
When I was being attacked,
You protected me from the clout,
You saved me, oh my Lord,
You saved me from a fatal end,
And to me a helping hand,
At the beginning you did lend.
I am happy now, Jesus,
Thankful for your saving grace,
The thing that brought me to you,
Right in the first place.

And, now, Jesus?

Now it's finally ended.

I'm yours.


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