Sunday, October 14, 2012

like seriously :P

the statue of liberty was gr8. u should've been there. ;D anyway so like we're having problems. summer and a few of the other girls went & snuck out of the hotel the other day & got in mucho troubleo. i still dont know what on earth they were doing so i went and told noah that he had to find out since he'd given me a heartattack at the library. he said that summer wouldn't talk to him. makes me wonder what about you? i dont think that summer's life is going to end well. :P or how about summer's summer lol =D anyway i'm pretty sure that mrs. mossfield is getting fed up with all of the shenanigans. believe me she's not going 2 B the only 1 who's going 2 B thankful when all of this is over. (yeah like there's me) anyway i'm going 2 try and convince summer 2 let me use her computer again. i think that mom's going to kill me for using so many texts. i'll just have 2 tell her that it's Bcause of u guys. :P anyway i'll talk 2 u later. <3 jessie


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