Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More About Me--Abigail Jane Applegate

Dear Readers,

My mother told me that I should tell you more about myself. I suppose 'tis a good idea. As you already know, my full name is Abigail Jane Applegate, and you know that I am of fourteen years of age and that I am tall and slender. 'Tis true, all of it.

My hair is long and brown, and my eyes of a peculiar brown flecked with several colors. My face is pale, such is the style for young ladies in my age. I also have a particular dislike of our mop caps that we always have to wear.

Yes, 'tis horrible, isn't it?

Our dresses can be horrible, too. Aye, they pull so much on you. At least since I'm so slender, that at home my mother does not make me wear a corset. I'm afraid that my sisters, Beth and Mary, have to wear them, though. They are not yet to the age of thirteen, and yet they are as plump of pigs.

Here is a sketch of my mother's best dress.

Looks like a horror, does it not? My mother tells me often that next year, it shall be mine.

That's Beth. She's giving me a strange look. It makes me feel strange as I sit here, writing at the table on the porch.

Isn't she adorable, though?

Anyway, I am going off on a bunny trail. Aye, my mother says that much to me.

I live in a beautiful town in Virginia. I have already showed you my house. (Go to the second post below.) Other than Beth (5) and Mary (8), I have two older brothers, too.

William has gone off and married a beautiful girl and lives now in Williamsburg. But thankfully John is still here with us. I do not think I would be able to feel sane if he wasn't. He is my best friend.

I admit it. I do not have many lady friends. In fact, I don't have any. My mother complains that it's because my face is plain. (John says that it isn't, bless his heart.)

I would say it's because I'm so quiet.

Really, if you were to meet me, you might think that I was bored or something.

That's me over there, by the way. I know that it looks like I have blonde hair, but, really, I have brown. It just sometimes looks like it's blonde. I really hope you don't agree with my mother that I'm plain. I really can't help it.

I am very simple. I like hard work and writing poems to myself. Some people would think that I am crazy, but I would love to go to a university some day, just like all of the boys. My mother says that I should be looking for a husband, not day-dreaming about some university. But get married? I cannot imagine it. John agrees with me and says that he could never imagine me, his beloved sister, married to someone.

So I guess that's all about me. I hope you enjoy the rest of my life.


  1. Oh, I know-you poor things having to wear such uncomfortable dresses! :P

    G2G! (Sorry, you wouldn't know what that means I suppose.)

    ~ Jessica(:

    P.S. I love your name! :D

    1. Thank you so much for sympathizing, Jessica. :)

      Oh, that is alright. You are so nice that I would suppose it is something wonderful. :)

      Abigail Jane Applegate

      Why, thank you! I love your name, too. :)

    2. You are welcome, Jessica!! :)


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