Monday, October 1, 2012

I know, I know. Two posts in one day. So what??

Dear Readers,

Hey, this is Jessie Bender.

Yes, I finally found my way to a computer!

However, I only have a few minutes.

(Seriously, Mrs. Mossfield is going crazy that we almost lost... oops! OK, I'll just tell you the story.)

OK, we were going to go and visit New York Public Library.

If you didn't know, it's huge.

(Sorry if the picture's a tad bit blurry. My phone doesn't always take the best pictures, and then I had to get it on the computer, and blah, blah, blah. Don't worry. It isn't the library's computer. Apparently Summer had sneaked in a laptop. She was actually pretty nice to me about using it, especially since Maya had been begging the whole trip and denied, over and over. But Summer needs it back in
a few minutes......)

Anyway, so this place is seriously amazing. (Can you see it pretty well in the pic? See the ceiling?! I was like oh my word those people were talented!!!!!!)

Mrs. Mossfield was going on and on about the library, but I kinda tuned out. I couldn't take my eyes off the library as we walked through it.

My group--me, Jeremy, Neil, Meryl, Ashleigh and Harry (we finally figured out his name after looking over Mrs. Mossfield's shoulder at the names on her clipboard)--followed behind the other groups. According to Jeremy, who had basically established himself as the leader, informed us that our group was going to be known as the Wolves. Then Neil said that that was a stupid name and said we should be the Sharks. Ashleigh suggested the sparkles, Meryl suggested the pixies, and finally I sighed and cried,

"What about the Spartans?!"

I didn't mention that it was my school's name.

"That's awesome!" they all cried.

So apparently my team's the Spartans.

Anywayyyyyyyy, so we were all told to stay with our groups and look around the library.

So we started out. We hadn't been milling around for more than five minutes when somebody screamed,


My heart fell. My best friend was missing in a strange library in a strange city. What if he'd been kidnapped?!?! I quickly left the group and started searching underneath the tables on my knees. Mrs. Mossfield was calling out directions (I couldn't hear them. She was too loud).

"Noah!" I yelled. A lady sitting at the table that I was crawling underneath gave me a stern look. I quickly crawled away and hissed, "Noah! Noah, where are you!?"

But he wasn't answering.

Mrs. Mossfield was going crazy.

My heart sunk as the seconds ticked off and went into minutes. Where on earth was Noah?! Why wasn't he showing himself?!

Summer wants on her computer. Talk to you later.


  1. Cool! I love libraries! :D
    And, whoa, that is crazy. Where is Noah!?



    1. Me, too!! :)
      I know. But don't worry. :)


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