Sunday, September 30, 2012

another text by jessie bender yes i'm still alive

hey this is jessie. how r u guys doing? sorry i havent like texted you guys recently or anything. i've been kind of busy. i'll fill u in on some stuff. so i got up in the morning and got dressed and everything. it took 4ever 4 maya 2 get ready. then we all headed down for breakfast in the hotel's cafe. no there was no free breakfast. i sure am far from dayton. anyway so we get down there and mrs. mossfield gives us all money to buy stuff for breakfast and we're just sitting down to eat when she announces that she's going to assign our groups now. i was like oh no because what if i got summer and maurice? like the horror of my life. anyway so she starts calling out names. noah went and got himself paired with summer and some other girls and a boy that i don't even know. spy and her gang were all paired together with a geeky boy. and guess who i got paired up with? nobody i knew that's for sure. there were at 3 boys and 2 girls in my group with me. as mrs. mossfield continued to talk we all decided since we were just like sitting there awkwardly that we should introduce ourselves. "i'm jeremy," introduced one of the boys. he kinda looked like he might've been on the football team but since noah's on there and he's my best friend i was afraid i'd embarrass myself if i asked if we knew each other or something. there was this scared looking kid who said that his name was neil. the other kid was just like average everything and said his name so quietly i didn't catch it. the giggly girl's name was meryl and the last girl's name was ashleigh. i'm running out of time talk 2 u later.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


I thought I would do a quick post about sponsors.

(If you saw that on the side of my blog. Yes, I sponsor myself haha.) =D

Anyway, so the point is, on my blog, Storyteller of Weston County, I just pulled off a lot of your buttons because I love you and want you guys to have more followers. :)

But here on Rubberboot Girl, if you sponsor me and like what I post and believe in what I post, then I will put you up as a sponsor!

If you would like to sponsor me, I'll put your button on the side of my blog. :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Toy Storyish Poll

I did take this picture, by the way. Please don't take this.
I don't know what this picture reminds YOU of, but it reminds me of Toy Story.

So guess what today's post is about?

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

OK, you've waited for it.

You guessed it.

(Probably at the beginning of this post.)

Toy Story!
Yayyyyy! :)

Anyway, so I have a sibling who HATES Buzz Lightyear (I admit it. I do, too).

So guess what our poll is today?

Who is your favorite character?

*Team Woody!*

or *Team Buzz!* 
(please no haha) :)

Place your answer in the comments.

And, if you're being awesome and lovely and everything and you actually do comment, you can pull this off and display it [hopefully] proudly on your blog!!!!! :)

Ta-dah!! All yours. :)

Now, you do realize I'm expecting to see this on some blogs.

I am serious.

Have fun!!!!!! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me With PicMonkey Unleashed {What a scary thought!}

This is called me with PicMonkey unleashed.

It's called this collage changing into this.
Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool, too. :) So what do you really think of it?

I'm serious.

Be honest.

.....there was a girl who made designs on PicMonkey. =D

.......and found a compass via Google images.....

Well, I'm just saying, it's easier to do a picture post. =D

If you're reading this, no doubt it's true...... ;D

1. Get ready for my birthday!!!!!!! :)
2. Write something more interesting next time. :P
3. End this post.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hey this is a text from jessie bender yeah it's me

Text received from Jessie Bender to Storyteller

hey guys! whats been happening? im in new york now noah wont stop bothering me he keeps on looking over my shoulder anyway i know i stink at texting but bear with me. we got on the plane with the rest of our class and headed off. maya's here which stinks but im still alive. she wouldnt stop bothering noah yeah i know how annoying is that? anyway so summer and the boy (im seriously bad with names i totally forgot what his name is you know the guy from florida) anyway they came on the trip with us and maya wont stop annoying summer and there was grumbling and complaining on the whole flight. a mrs. mossfield is our groups leader. she says that we're going to be visiting lots of cool places. do u guys know about all of the sites? theres like a lot believe me. anyway so we just got at the hotel. im sharing a room with spy,  maya, and summer. how horrible is that? anyway, so spy and i are sharing a bed and maya and summer are sharing a bed. sorry im not capitalizing im really tired and i have a little bit more to go. tomorrow we start our tour. mrs. mossfield said that whoevers in your room are your girl buddies. tomorrow shes going to assign groups. hopefully i'll get noah. bye! <3 jessie

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Now hold up.
So what about Jessie Bender?
Now that wasn't so boring, was it? ;D
I'll keep ya posted.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pictures!!!!!!! =D

I just wanted to thank everybody who's followed my blog!!!! You guys mean so much to me. :)

Anyway, so today we're going to be looking at some pictures, because I typed up some words to look for a DIFFERENT picture, but then found these.

So here we go.

I. LOVE. THIS. ONE. (above)
This one's so pretty, too!!! =D
If anybody ever said that creation is ugly, I'd like to show them some of these pics....

So I guess that's all. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simply A Letter From Jessie

Dear Readers, (I'm seriously so tired I nearly wrote "dear Jessie") :P

So I just realized I liked writing poems when Noah (ahem, ahem) just had to go and send one of them off to this contest. I was kinda mad and kinda happy. Anyway, I got second place, so my poem couldn't have been THAT bad.

The poem?

Teardrops brimming, on the verge of dropping,
Falling and sliding down your cheek.
Listen carefully, for the Lord's voice,
For to the sad He shall speak.
"My daughter," He shall say to you,
"I love you do not worry so.
"I am coming soon, my daughter,
Look for the signs of my coming, lo!"
Just hold on until the coming of day,
You know you can just hold on to the day.
For you know that soon He'll come,
And then He shall come and take you faraway.
And you shall be safe in the Savior's arms,
And you shall know that he loves you,
How you ever thought that you weren't loved,
Now you simply just don't have a clue.
Teardrops dried, your eyes sparkling,
No water falling down your cheek,
Now listen carefully, my daughter, dear,
For God listens to the meek.

Yeah, anyway.....

So how'd you like the poem?

I am never trusting Noah with access to my laptop again. EVER.

Well, unless it's like an emergency or something.

He still takes credit for me winning.


Anyway, so what's been happening in your day?

I hear that yesterday Storyteller was at some kind of sporting event. Hopefully my volleyball match..... ;D But of course she wasn't. But that's OK. :)



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Agent Files

I just added more on the story The Agent Files!!! Hope you check it out. ;)


Facebook or Blogger?

Truth is. ;)

That's something you see like A LOT on facebook. Am I right? ;)

Personally, I'd be kind of scared to press "like". Like what on earth are they going to say?? Hopefully that they love you and that you're awesome. :)

If I posted that on blogger, everybody would be like "what on earth?" and probably would just ignore the post. They'd be like "um..... I'm not really sure I want to hear what Storyteller has to say about me..." (I assure you that it would be just as lovely as if this were facebook). :)

Now, I don't know if you guys have a facebook, but it's a lot different than blogger.

So, I guess my question is....

Do you like facebook or blogger better?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some quotes

Have you ever been there?
Feels so true.
Life. Is. Precious.

So I guess you always have to be yourself lol. :)

I love these quotes. :)
Do you?

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Volleyball Gladiators

Dear Readers,

So it was Saturday, and I had been sleeping when my mom bursts into my room and thrusts her cell phone into my hand. I groaned and murmured, "Hello?"

"Hey, Jessie!" burst Mei's excited voice. "It's me, Mei. Me and the girls were just wondering if you wanted to do like some backyard volleyball after practice today."

"Mmmhmm," I agreed.

"Great!" cried Mei. "So at the park just after practice? If your mom wanted, my mom was wiling to drive us all over there."

Mom nodded and gave me the thumbs-up sign. "Sure," I said.

"Can't wait!" Mei grinned from the other end. "Bye, Jessie!"

"Bye." I snapped the phone and handed it back to Mom, falling back into bed and sleeping about another hour.

After volleyball practice, Mei's mom was true to her word and carted Mei, Amy, Cara, me and some other girls over to the park where the volleyball nets were. Mei grabbed a volleyball from the car and some bottled water and then waved goodbye to her mom, who drove off for the mall. According to Mei she would come and pick us up in a few hours.

"So, let's get a game going," said Cara, cracking her knuckles. "OK, I'll be one captain. Jessie, you be the other."

I was kind of surprised at the sudden rise in command, but nodded quickly.

"I pick Mei," Cara quickly said.

"Amy," I nodded.

We had finally divided everybody out. I was about to serve the ball. I threw it up in the air, but before I could hit somebody else from behind me crushed it down right on my head. I fell to the ground, dazed.

"Hey!" yelled Amy, running over.

I rubbed my head, looking up. In front of me was a tall, athletic boy surrounded by a whole bunch of other boys. And they were all glaring--at us.

"Are you OK, Jessie?" Amy asked, helping me to my feet.

I shook my head to help clear it, but it still throbbed. "I think I'll be OK," I assured.

Then Amy turned to them. "What was that for?!"

"She got in the way," the boy shrugged. "We wanted to play, and she had our ball." The boy twirled the volleyball on his fingers.

"That's my ball!" cried Mei. "I brought it from my house. Now give it back!"

The boys laughed, and the leader stepped forward, narrowing his eyes. "Who's going to make me?"

All of a sudden I had either the brightest idea ever or the stupidest. I quickly stood in between Amy and the boy and narrowed my eyes.

"Fine," I started, "play a game against us. The first one who gets to twenty wins, and the other team leaves."

"What about the ball?" demanded the boy.

"Well, it's Mei's," I pointed out. "If you don't give THAT back, I'll just have them call the police." Amy had already whipped her cell phone out.

The boy glared. "Fine."

We girls went onto our side. Amy whispered to me, "Jessie, that was ingenious! How on earth did you think of it?"

I chuckled. "Either it was ingenious or incredibly stupid. I just hope we don't get creamed."

"Are you kidding?" snorted Cara. "We're like the best team in the state!"

"Girls," I pointed out.

We started the game with Cara serving. As the game progressed, I could tell that the height on the other team was helping them. They were already winning 15 to 12. We had to do better, or else we were going to lose and not get to use the court.

Amy spiked it and the score went up to 15 to 13. She had been one of our lead scorers because she was like the tallest. Then Mei and another girl called Marie did a nice set and scored another point.

But then the guys took over and got another point, too. I was sure it was going to be pretty helpless. But we'd just have to play our best.

Finally, it was 19 to 18. Game point, with us losing.

We all huddled.

"We've got to come up with something that'll get us two more points," pointed out Cara desperately. "There's got to be something." She turned to me. "Jessie?"

I had only given us like three or four of our points, hardly a lead scorer. And yet she was turning towards me. I took a deep breath and outlined a shaky plan. They nodded. It would have to work, and then we would only have on chance to get yet another point.

It was our serve. Cara served it off, and of course the leader hit it. He was definitely the lead scorer on the other team. He sent it flying right towards an empty spot, which was quickly covered by Mei.

Mei faked towards Amy for just a second, where the boys started to look. Then she hit the ball with lightning speed, whipping it towards me. I quickly spiked.

We cheered and hugged.

We needed one more point.

Now they were guarding me and Amy. Mei finally scored the last point. We'd won!

"We won!" cried Cara, moving over to the net so that she was face-to-face with the leader with only the net between them. Her eyes narrowed. "Now leave."

They threw the ball at us and then left.

We'd won!!! =D How awesome is that???


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Cake Situation

OK, so, I, Jessie Bender, was informed by Storyteller that a certain person by the name of Madeline wanted to have my letters start this way:

Dear Readers and Creepy Madeline Who Comments All the Time,

Now, do you guys see anything wrong with that? Well, I'll tell you. I do. Because, first of all, she's not creepy, and second of all I LIKE IT when she comments. In fact, she should get an award for all of the comments she puts on here. :) 

I'm perfectly serious about that, by the way..... ;)

Anyway, so I'm afraid, Madeline, that I can't start that letter this way.

However, I will consent to this:

Dear Readers and Madeline Who Comments A Lot (thanks, by the way.....),

OK, we all good? Good. Because I've got a story for you guys!!!!! =D

So this week my mom signed me up for cooking classes. I know, like "Mom, I'm twelve, can't you just let me live a little bit longer without having to be subjected to torture in a kitchen?!" But, anyway, so that's what happened.

Apparently the class was sponsored by the school board (a special special), and so there were a lot of kids there. There were going to be six kids to a group.

Guess who I got paired up with.

You're probably wrong, but that's OK.

I got paired up with Spy, Jo, Sara, Maurice, and Noah. Summer was glaring at me the whole time but I seriously have no idea why (if you're thinking I'm dumb, I'm really sorry. But I wasn't sure if Maurice and her were like, well, you know, and everything, and who knows? I mean, Noah IS the quarterback.... man, that's just gross let's stop talking about it).

Our leader, a French lady who was who slightly resembled a large lemon pie, stood in front of us in the cafeteria's kitchen. There were six groups all together, each at their own tables. I'd been sitting at my table for the last hour waiting for the rest of my group to show up. The second I'd walked in, the lady had told me what table to go for, pointing it out.

Finally everybody else had arrived.

"You excited, Jessie?" whispered Noah with a grin as he took a seat next to me.

I snorted. "Are you kidding? We're going to die."

"I doubt it," Noah laughed.

"Children," started the French lady with a liquid accent, "this is the starting of your first day of cooks-in-training."

Oh, goody.

She went on to explain that we will be "constructing a new masterpiece" every day. The thought of it made me groan as she continued like it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Who was she kidding?

"This is going to be easy," Spy whispered to me. "Don't worry. Besides, in the Sisterhood Squad we always make sure that we can do essential things like cooking. So you'll basically just be missing a step with us."


Anywayyyyy, so the lady, who I found out was named Mrs. LaFord, handed us a whole bunch of bowls and mixing spoons and supplies and announced that, "We shall make a cake!"

You can't believe my horror. Make a cake?! Was she kidding?!?! Thank goodness for Spy, Jo, and Sara, who seemed to already be experts at it. They whipped everything up while Maurice, Noah, and I just watched.

"Now the cakes are ready to be put into the ovens," declared Mrs. LaFord, pointing to the huge cafeteria  ovens. "A team member who has not done that much work should have the job of putting it in."

Spy immediately handed the cake to me. I froze, thinking that I'd drop it right off. Amazingly, I didn't. I almost breathed a sigh of relief.

"Come along, Ms. Bender," urged Mrs. LaFord over by one of the ovens. "I see that you are struggling. I'll open the oven door for you."

Apparently it was already preheated.

To get over to the ovens, I had to pass right by Summer's table. Frankly, she just scared me, what with her glaring eyes that had bored into me every second that I'd been in here.

I carefully started to walk towards the open oven, keeping my eyes on Mrs. LaFord. I only glanced down when I started to see the floor coming towards me, faster and faster. I barely noticed Summer's foot shooting back to cover underneath the table.

"NO!!!" shrieked Mrs. LaFord. "THE CAKE!!!!"

Without thinking I threw the cake into the hair. There was a splat and a horrified shriek. Noah and Maurice were laughing their heads off.

Groaning, I got off the floor and surveyed what had happened.

I'll be frank.

When I threw the cake, it flew up into the hair and landed right on Summer's head!!! Oh, you should've seen her face.

Though I ruined our cake and had to apologize to Summer, I still couldn't help but think it had been one of the best days of the school year.


Some Dreams, Requests, and a Poem

I had this dream where I found the awesomest blog design. EVER. It was so awesome. :) But unfortunately I have no idea how to do it!!! I also dreamed that somebody else had this blog where it was really awesome. It was so weird. Anywayyyyyyy............

So, I know a lot of you guys follow Piano Bookworm's blog Piano's Stories (I put the link there so that if you don't, you can check it out because you seriously need to), but she re-designed a little bit and now it looks awesome!!! So you need to go check that out.

Some memory words:
cooking class

I hope this wasn't a terribly boring post,
I know that it wasn't about Jessie,
I hope that you'll enjoy her cooking class,
Though it's gonna get kinda messy.
I hope you check out Piano's blog,
Because like it's pretty much sweet,
And I don't know about you guys out there,
But her design can't be beat!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Volleyball and Changes

Dear Readers,

Hey!!! It's Jessie!!!! =D (another note by Storyteller that she wanted me to insert: Jessie's story is now in "not normal" time. End of quote. I really don't like it when she does that.) :) 

So, today volleyball started. I was on the A team, which made me pretty happy because if you're on the A team, it means that you're a better volleyball player than if you're on the B or C teams. So, that was a big compliment for me. BIG compliment. I mean, I may be small and all, but apparently I'm not that bad at the sport.

So, what's my least favorite thing about volleyball? Well, I'll tell you--our uniforms. The pants are like, way way short. My mom was like horrified the first time I played, but we've all kind of gotten used to it, even though it is like really really weird since I don't usually wear that short of pants.

Anywayyyyyyy...... so on the team are some really nice girls that I've been making better friends with. You might ask why I haven't done that before, but it's really because none of them are as, shall we say, explosive as I am.

First of all there's Amy--brown-haired with red streaks, brown eyes, tall, slender, artsy and crafty and a good hand with the volleyball. Her signature move is spiking.

Then there's Cara--blonde haired, blue eyed, tall, well-built, all-in-all sports lady. Did I mention she was the captain of the team?

And the last girl that I'd probably consider being friends with is Mei--a really pretty Chinese girl who, other than being like really pretty, is a beast at all of her sports. It's so funny to watch her layered black hair bounce in her ponytail as she jumps in the hair and slams the ball over onto the other side of the net. I think she's our lead scorer.

Anyway, so I'm usually like "hi" and everything, but Noah and I have always been best friends, so it's not like I've really had to like search for friends.

I walk into practice on Monday morning and the first person who walks up to me is Mei.

"Jessie!" she cried, running up and wrapping her arms around me (I wasn't expecting it either, trust me). "I'm so glad that you're doing volleyball again this year! Our team's gonna rock!"

Mei's also an seventh grader, unlike Amy and Cara, who are eighth graders. So thankfully we'll still be a beast team while I'm in middle school. I knew from experience that our high school team were beasts. I'd gone to a few of their games and watched as an all-out brawl happened (don't worry, our team didn't start it--but they finished it).

Anyway, so I was like, "Hey, Mei!"

She let go of me and took a step back, smiling. "With you on our team, we're really going to be the beasts of Ohio," she declared. "I think that Coach Hardyman has already got us doing games all over the state, and in Indiana, too. Isn't that great?!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "That's awesome!"

"Come on!" urged Mei, starting over to where the other girls were starting into a huddle.

You could kind of say that Mei had adopted me, even though I'd been here longer than she had. But it was kind of nice, because she was in the B clique at school (aka the second most popular group. The A clique consists of Maya and her goonies).

So, I'm not sure what's really going to happen next.

But we'll see. ;)


P.S. Note from Storyteller: as you can tell, I just set up for myself a very good place where something very interesting happens to Jessie. Keep watching for it!!!

P.P.S. I know I wrote a lot earlier on Dragonmaster about a Jessie Bender letter. Sorry I didn't write it as quickly as I'd hoped!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Cool Pictures From Yours Truly

So, I noticed I haven't done cool pictures in forever.

Yep, so this post is all about cool pictures. :)

This..... is a cool compass. :)

Wow, that's kind of dark, but I believe that that's a library.
You've seen this one before on Dragonmaster, eh? ;)
That's..... huge.
Can you imagine having this in your house??
I just like this one. :)
If I could paint that good, believe me, I'd be famous by now. (haha) =D
I would not want to be lost there.... just saying..... ;)
Wow. That's pretty. *shivers a-tingling*
Ahhhh........ fresh air.....
You can bet I wouldn't go there unless I was surrounded by friends.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!..... and I would love it even more if the painter dude hadn't painted a person into it. :)
More forest........ 

That's all for now!!

All of these are from Google images (except for my signature). Most were found by the following search words: picture of old compass; picture of old library; picture of magical forest; picture of misted lake; picture of woods; picture of old ship.