Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sisterhood Squad??

Dear Readers,

So, the other day, four girls walked up to me by the names of Lulu Harper, Josephine Johnson, Sara Rotzerelli, and Addy Marten. (yes! Spaghetti fight girls!!!) =D Lulu, her brown eyes bold, stopped right in front of me. She was quite a tall girl, and (I believe I told you this before) since I was called like shorty by Noah, she totally towered over me.

"Hey, Jessie," she smiled.

"Hey," I grinned back. "How're you guys doing today?"

"We were wondering if you, you know, wanted to like join our club or something," shrugged Sara.

"Your club?" I frowned in confusion.

"Yeah," agreed Josephine. "We call it the Sisterhood Squad."

"Sure," I shrugged.

"That's great!" cried Lulu. "So here's some things you need to know about us before you join the club--first of all, I don't get called Lulu. All of my friends call me Spy."

"Spy?" I didn't know what to think of that.

"Yeah," she agreed. "Other than you calling me that everywhere, everybody else has club nicknames. But first of all, our other things--you always call Josephine Jo (otherwise you might get punched); don't ever tease Sara; and don't laugh at Addy unless she's laughing, too." The rest of the girls nodded in agreement.

"My nickname's Huntress," announced Jo.

"My nickname's Dragon," said Addy.

"Mine's Archer," shrugged Sara.

"And of course I'm spy," chuckled Spy. "So what do you want to be called, Jessie?"

Uhh........ oh, great. What on earth was I going to have my nickname be? A hundred possible names came through my head. Then suddenly I remembered in Lord of the Rings that awesome Rohan princess named Eowyn that got to go and cut off that ugly creature's head in the second-to-last battle.

"Eowyn," I blurted.

"Eowyn?" Jo's brow crinkled. She turned to Spy. "Can she be Eowyn?"

"Sure, why not?" snorted Spy. "There's a class meeting on Monday. It's at my house. Here's the directions." She thrust a piece of paper in my hand. "Later, Jessie!"

I looked at the paper. Then I looked at the girls. Then I looked at the paper. Then I took off running down the hall.

I was part of the Sisterhood Squad??


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