Thursday, September 13, 2012

Some Volleyball and Changes

Dear Readers,

Hey!!! It's Jessie!!!! =D (another note by Storyteller that she wanted me to insert: Jessie's story is now in "not normal" time. End of quote. I really don't like it when she does that.) :) 

So, today volleyball started. I was on the A team, which made me pretty happy because if you're on the A team, it means that you're a better volleyball player than if you're on the B or C teams. So, that was a big compliment for me. BIG compliment. I mean, I may be small and all, but apparently I'm not that bad at the sport.

So, what's my least favorite thing about volleyball? Well, I'll tell you--our uniforms. The pants are like, way way short. My mom was like horrified the first time I played, but we've all kind of gotten used to it, even though it is like really really weird since I don't usually wear that short of pants.

Anywayyyyyyy...... so on the team are some really nice girls that I've been making better friends with. You might ask why I haven't done that before, but it's really because none of them are as, shall we say, explosive as I am.

First of all there's Amy--brown-haired with red streaks, brown eyes, tall, slender, artsy and crafty and a good hand with the volleyball. Her signature move is spiking.

Then there's Cara--blonde haired, blue eyed, tall, well-built, all-in-all sports lady. Did I mention she was the captain of the team?

And the last girl that I'd probably consider being friends with is Mei--a really pretty Chinese girl who, other than being like really pretty, is a beast at all of her sports. It's so funny to watch her layered black hair bounce in her ponytail as she jumps in the hair and slams the ball over onto the other side of the net. I think she's our lead scorer.

Anyway, so I'm usually like "hi" and everything, but Noah and I have always been best friends, so it's not like I've really had to like search for friends.

I walk into practice on Monday morning and the first person who walks up to me is Mei.

"Jessie!" she cried, running up and wrapping her arms around me (I wasn't expecting it either, trust me). "I'm so glad that you're doing volleyball again this year! Our team's gonna rock!"

Mei's also an seventh grader, unlike Amy and Cara, who are eighth graders. So thankfully we'll still be a beast team while I'm in middle school. I knew from experience that our high school team were beasts. I'd gone to a few of their games and watched as an all-out brawl happened (don't worry, our team didn't start it--but they finished it).

Anyway, so I was like, "Hey, Mei!"

She let go of me and took a step back, smiling. "With you on our team, we're really going to be the beasts of Ohio," she declared. "I think that Coach Hardyman has already got us doing games all over the state, and in Indiana, too. Isn't that great?!"

"Yeah," I agreed. "That's awesome!"

"Come on!" urged Mei, starting over to where the other girls were starting into a huddle.

You could kind of say that Mei had adopted me, even though I'd been here longer than she had. But it was kind of nice, because she was in the B clique at school (aka the second most popular group. The A clique consists of Maya and her goonies).

So, I'm not sure what's really going to happen next.

But we'll see. ;)


P.S. Note from Storyteller: as you can tell, I just set up for myself a very good place where something very interesting happens to Jessie. Keep watching for it!!!

P.P.S. I know I wrote a lot earlier on Dragonmaster about a Jessie Bender letter. Sorry I didn't write it as quickly as I'd hoped!!!!!


  1. Hmm... interesting.
    Amy sounds like me! I want to join a volleyball team, but since I'm homeschooled, it sorta hard to do {finding a group, that is} :)

    1. I guess I kind of thought of you, in a way!! Though if Amy does anything weird, it definitely won't reflect you. :) (unless you want it to..... but anyway....)
      In some places, I know, homeschoolers can participate in school sports. But in other places they can't. Maybe your mom could check it out with your local school(s)!! That'd be really cool if you could do that. I like volleyball, too. :)

    2. Ehh, it's okay. I do weird stuff all the time. AND JESSIE FORGOT TO SAY 'DEAR READERS AND CREEPY MADELINE WHO COMMENTS ALL THE TIME,'!!!!

    3. Sorry! :) But I like it when you comment. :)


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