Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Cool Pictures From Yours Truly

So, I noticed I haven't done cool pictures in forever.

Yep, so this post is all about cool pictures. :)

This..... is a cool compass. :)

Wow, that's kind of dark, but I believe that that's a library.
You've seen this one before on Dragonmaster, eh? ;)
That's..... huge.
Can you imagine having this in your house??
I just like this one. :)
If I could paint that good, believe me, I'd be famous by now. (haha) =D
I would not want to be lost there.... just saying..... ;)
Wow. That's pretty. *shivers a-tingling*
Ahhhh........ fresh air.....
You can bet I wouldn't go there unless I was surrounded by friends.
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!..... and I would love it even more if the painter dude hadn't painted a person into it. :)
More forest........ 

That's all for now!!

All of these are from Google images (except for my signature). Most were found by the following search words: picture of old compass; picture of old library; picture of magical forest; picture of misted lake; picture of woods; picture of old ship.

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