Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another story idea?

Hello, hello, hello!!!

This is Storyteller. How have you guys been liking the Jessie Bender stories? I hope at least pretty well. =D Yes, and she's not moving to Alaska (thank goodness!!). So, what what Maya's mysterious behavior? Doesn't it all seem just a little bit strange? ;) Don't worry, just remember that thought...............

I had a new story idea today. Well, this morning. =D It's kind of about the Titanic. OK, OK, I know--everybody's got a book about the Titanic. But I couldn't help but notice that they're always like about first class passengers..... probably because they're mostly the only ones that survived and the people can't bear to kill off their characters.

But I thought--what about the third class passengers and such? What was it like for them to be trapped away from the splendor, to be visited by rich people who thought it was funny, to be traveling on such a huge ship and then possibly just dying? Even the women and the children? Sometimes I think when people say "woman and children first", they often forget all of the woman and children of the second and third classes that did die.

So, anyway, I was going to have the main character's last name be Stiles. I'm not sure about her first name yet (of course it's a girl haha). =D I was thinking maybe Amelia and called her Amy or maybe Rebecca. What are your thoughts?



  1. Cool! :) Writing about the Titanic is fun. (I know from personal experience.)
    Also, this is like my 10th comment on your blogs today! :D Are you overwhelmed yet?
    ~ jess :)

    1. I know!! =D There are seriously a lot of stories about the Titanic. It'll be fun to make the story all my own. :)
      I love it!! You're like the most active person my blogs, haha. =D I really need to get on your blogs.


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