Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mascot Mania

Dear Readers,

Yes, this is Jessie. (I would think you would know, as Storyteller as yet to call you dear haha.) =D (but you're dear to me because you read this and I can tell you do when you comment or just vote on a reaction.)

So after Noah's housed got crashed/trashed, I didn't really see Noah a lot in school. I mean, I did. But he was always way busy. I think his parents grounded him. I have yet to find out if he threw a punch. I hope he didn't. But how knows? Guys are SO unpredictable. Even if they're like your post friend that you've known for forever. (or your brother. They're unpredictable, too. And dads. Well, sometimes dads.)

Guess what!!!!!! I turn thirteen on September 20th!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll make sure to post and show some pictures and make sure to tell you everything that I got. (I. AM. SO. EXCITED. Can you tell?????)

(note from Storyteller [she asked me to post it, so I'll just post it in her words]: When I started the Jessie Bender series, it was still summer, and technically there's not school then, but I'm just going to kinda stick with school. Imagine that Jessie's school starts like a month early. End of quote from Storyteller. What kind of a person talks about me behind my back?? [from Storyteller: haha]). :D

So, I don't know about you, but a lot of these blog design changes are making me kind of dizzy. I LOVE all of them, but they keep on changing and changing and changing...... Storyteller told me it's just because it's so much fun and everything that she can't help it. Sometimes I wonder.......... ;)

So. I know Storyteller's post was pretty boring (yes, I read it). :) So, I've decided that I shall reveal the very funny thing that happened to me.

Story mode:

Noah's football coach decided that since I'd acted so well as the mascot (in other words: they didn't yet have another mascot), they wanted me to be the mascot at the game on Friday. Great, I know. Mom was all for it. Dad was all thumbs-up. I was all "UGH!"

So, Friday rolled around (OK, so it was yesterday). :) Mom drove me to the football game, and whether she didn't want to see her daughter stink as a mascot or she wanted to get some work done, I don't know, but she drove off again and left me there, burning hot in my Spartan suit.

"Jessie!" Noah ran up to me. "Thanks so much for doing this. Coach was about to kill somebody if we didn't have a mascot tonight." He fidgeted.

"What?" I prodded.

"OK," he sighed, "I admit it. The cheerleaders all got sick or had something to do. So you're going to have to fill in for them. You know. Like encourage cheering and do weird stuff to make the crowd laugh."

I think my jaw dropped. I stared at him. "You're not serious," I said.

"Yeah, I'm afraid I am," he answered. Noah's eyes begged. "Please?"

As I didn't really have a choice, I agreed. Noah grinned and ran me over to the football field. The game was about to start. Noah ran off for the benches and left me standing on the track that surrounded the field, staring up at the huge stadium filling with people.

Noah really couldn't be serious.

The stadium filled, the time ran out, and the game started. Our team quickly scored a point. I glanced over at Noah, who was urging me to encourage the crowd.

I sighed. OK, they didn't know who I was (unless Noah had blabbed). I was inside of a Spartan suit. I could just be weird and they wouldn't even know it. Yeah, that's it. Just be weird. Have some fun. Go, Jessie. Just do it!!!!

I ran along the side of the stadium and yelled in my deepest voice, "GO SPARTANS!!!", while I encouraged the crowd with my hands to make some noise.

The game went on. I just totally went off, acting all silly and encouraging the crowd. It was so weird. They actually cheered when I told them to. (mahahaha!! Supreme control!!! JK hahaha) =D

And then finally the game was over.

Mom game and picked me up. I got into the car and threw off my helmet, declaring, "I'm NEVER doing that again!"

"That bad?" Mom answered with a smile.

I didn't answer. But I was smiling.



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