Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hey this is a text from jessie bender yeah it's me

Text received from Jessie Bender to Storyteller

hey guys! whats been happening? im in new york now noah wont stop bothering me he keeps on looking over my shoulder anyway i know i stink at texting but bear with me. we got on the plane with the rest of our class and headed off. maya's here which stinks but im still alive. she wouldnt stop bothering noah yeah i know how annoying is that? anyway so summer and the boy (im seriously bad with names i totally forgot what his name is you know the guy from florida) anyway they came on the trip with us and maya wont stop annoying summer and there was grumbling and complaining on the whole flight. a mrs. mossfield is our groups leader. she says that we're going to be visiting lots of cool places. do u guys know about all of the sites? theres like a lot believe me. anyway so we just got at the hotel. im sharing a room with spy,  maya, and summer. how horrible is that? anyway, so spy and i are sharing a bed and maya and summer are sharing a bed. sorry im not capitalizing im really tired and i have a little bit more to go. tomorrow we start our tour. mrs. mossfield said that whoevers in your room are your girl buddies. tomorrow shes going to assign groups. hopefully i'll get noah. bye! <3 jessie



    1. i cant im like sending a text. hahaha :) Sorry, but, seriously, it WAS a text. =D

    2. I don't have a phone. I don't do ''text''.


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