Saturday, September 29, 2012


I thought I would do a quick post about sponsors.

(If you saw that on the side of my blog. Yes, I sponsor myself haha.) =D

Anyway, so the point is, on my blog, Storyteller of Weston County, I just pulled off a lot of your buttons because I love you and want you guys to have more followers. :)

But here on Rubberboot Girl, if you sponsor me and like what I post and believe in what I post, then I will put you up as a sponsor!

If you would like to sponsor me, I'll put your button on the side of my blog. :)


  1. Too cool! Sponsors normally start flocking around you at about 50 followers. Currently I have 3 {giveaway} sponsors, but I had to openly seek them. Not just saying 'hey, I'd love some sponsors!', but really asking them if they'd like to sponsor a giveaway {which was sorta embarrassing for me}.
    Oh, and if you ask for people to sponsor you on Etsy, prepare to not get a lot of replies. I'm sure I asked about 50 people, but only 1 respond/said yes!

    1. Yeah, I know. :) But that's OK, because I don't do giveaways or anything. I just do it kind of like "if you like my blog, I'll put your button up, if you want". Just something like that. :)


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