Saturday, September 22, 2012

Simply A Letter From Jessie

Dear Readers, (I'm seriously so tired I nearly wrote "dear Jessie") :P

So I just realized I liked writing poems when Noah (ahem, ahem) just had to go and send one of them off to this contest. I was kinda mad and kinda happy. Anyway, I got second place, so my poem couldn't have been THAT bad.

The poem?

Teardrops brimming, on the verge of dropping,
Falling and sliding down your cheek.
Listen carefully, for the Lord's voice,
For to the sad He shall speak.
"My daughter," He shall say to you,
"I love you do not worry so.
"I am coming soon, my daughter,
Look for the signs of my coming, lo!"
Just hold on until the coming of day,
You know you can just hold on to the day.
For you know that soon He'll come,
And then He shall come and take you faraway.
And you shall be safe in the Savior's arms,
And you shall know that he loves you,
How you ever thought that you weren't loved,
Now you simply just don't have a clue.
Teardrops dried, your eyes sparkling,
No water falling down your cheek,
Now listen carefully, my daughter, dear,
For God listens to the meek.

Yeah, anyway.....

So how'd you like the poem?

I am never trusting Noah with access to my laptop again. EVER.

Well, unless it's like an emergency or something.

He still takes credit for me winning.


Anyway, so what's been happening in your day?

I hear that yesterday Storyteller was at some kind of sporting event. Hopefully my volleyball match..... ;D But of course she wasn't. But that's OK. :)



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