Sunday, September 30, 2012

another text by jessie bender yes i'm still alive

hey this is jessie. how r u guys doing? sorry i havent like texted you guys recently or anything. i've been kind of busy. i'll fill u in on some stuff. so i got up in the morning and got dressed and everything. it took 4ever 4 maya 2 get ready. then we all headed down for breakfast in the hotel's cafe. no there was no free breakfast. i sure am far from dayton. anyway so we get down there and mrs. mossfield gives us all money to buy stuff for breakfast and we're just sitting down to eat when she announces that she's going to assign our groups now. i was like oh no because what if i got summer and maurice? like the horror of my life. anyway so she starts calling out names. noah went and got himself paired with summer and some other girls and a boy that i don't even know. spy and her gang were all paired together with a geeky boy. and guess who i got paired up with? nobody i knew that's for sure. there were at 3 boys and 2 girls in my group with me. as mrs. mossfield continued to talk we all decided since we were just like sitting there awkwardly that we should introduce ourselves. "i'm jeremy," introduced one of the boys. he kinda looked like he might've been on the football team but since noah's on there and he's my best friend i was afraid i'd embarrass myself if i asked if we knew each other or something. there was this scared looking kid who said that his name was neil. the other kid was just like average everything and said his name so quietly i didn't catch it. the giggly girl's name was meryl and the last girl's name was ashleigh. i'm running out of time talk 2 u later.


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