Bucket List

1. Get 100 followers.
2. Spend a night in the cabin this summer (2014).
3. Meet a blogger friend.
4. Get a Pinterest account.
5. Find a good, big picture of converse shoes. =P
6. Not get injured for an entire year.
7. Successfully figure out how to put music on a blog without some kind of player showing up.
8. Find out how to make your own blogger templates.

9. Finish the third Olivia book--Olivia McCarthy: Never.
10. Start writing actual letters to my friends instead of emails.
11. Get my new story idea written (a girl, a shipwreck, powers...).
12. Visit New York City.
13. Visit Pennsylvania.
14. Visit London.
15. Have a book of mine made into a movie.
16. Get a book published.
17. Make a facebook page for this blog.
18. Get a typewriter.
19. Get an iPad.
20. Get a laptop.

21. Learn to write my name in Elvish.
22. Read through Psalms.
23. Get 100 followers on my three main blogs.
24. Get like 10 reactions on my posts.
25. Get 100 comments on a post. Here.
26. Get 50 comments on a post. Here.
25. Get 30 comments on a post. Here.
26. Finish reading the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John).
27. Watch How to Train Your Dragon 2.
28. [At least start to] Learn how to play the cello.
29. [Not applicable if I end up not playing the cello] Become a part of some kind of symphony or band or something.

30. Have a total LOTR marathon. (skipping Gollum and unnecessary orc parts allowed...)
31. Get given a big red rubber ball with daisies painted on it... ;D
32. Learn how to speak Spanish fluently.


  1. Those are really neat!:) We share many:) but... not get injured for a whole year... I don't know about you but for me that is not happening:) mainly because I am in a spy and detective club... oh no! I spilled the beans! Don't worry, I trust you:) haha! And I'm just going to tell you... writing letters is awesome!!!!!

    P.S. i rambled so much in that contests comment and used a lot of fake sarcasm... but I really am in that club:)

    1. Thanks!! :) Cool. ;) haha well, I used to not get injured for a whole year. And then started last year... =P (I meant like seriously injured, like a hurt knee or something... not like bruises ;))

  2. Hey! I can't be 'follower' but you can count me as one cause I do 'follow' you. ;)

    1. Which is just as good, if not better. :) Thanks for being a friend, Mahayla! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your bucket list! :) We have #4, 12, 14, 15 and 21 in common... :)

  4. God has given you an amazing talent! I truly believe that if you continue to cultivate your writing, your books could be up there near L M Alcott or C S Lewis. Keep up the good work!
    Random fact: I dream of being a director someday, movie or play; maybe I could do one of your stories! Just a dream, but no true dream is ridiculous...:)

  5. You can cross off #25-http://areyouadragonmaster.blogspot.com/2013/03/some-quick-randomness.html. ;) I can't wait for numbers 9, 15, and 16 to happen. :D

    1. Wow, thanks for bringing that to my attention! :) Me either:) I think that if I ever got a book published or had a movie made, we'd have to do like some kind of giveaway. I don't know. :)

  6. I'm your 100 follower! *check* And, ps, I wouldn't mind being your blogger friend~


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