Friday, September 14, 2012

The Cake Situation

OK, so, I, Jessie Bender, was informed by Storyteller that a certain person by the name of Madeline wanted to have my letters start this way:

Dear Readers and Creepy Madeline Who Comments All the Time,

Now, do you guys see anything wrong with that? Well, I'll tell you. I do. Because, first of all, she's not creepy, and second of all I LIKE IT when she comments. In fact, she should get an award for all of the comments she puts on here. :) 

I'm perfectly serious about that, by the way..... ;)

Anyway, so I'm afraid, Madeline, that I can't start that letter this way.

However, I will consent to this:

Dear Readers and Madeline Who Comments A Lot (thanks, by the way.....),

OK, we all good? Good. Because I've got a story for you guys!!!!! =D

So this week my mom signed me up for cooking classes. I know, like "Mom, I'm twelve, can't you just let me live a little bit longer without having to be subjected to torture in a kitchen?!" But, anyway, so that's what happened.

Apparently the class was sponsored by the school board (a special special), and so there were a lot of kids there. There were going to be six kids to a group.

Guess who I got paired up with.

You're probably wrong, but that's OK.

I got paired up with Spy, Jo, Sara, Maurice, and Noah. Summer was glaring at me the whole time but I seriously have no idea why (if you're thinking I'm dumb, I'm really sorry. But I wasn't sure if Maurice and her were like, well, you know, and everything, and who knows? I mean, Noah IS the quarterback.... man, that's just gross let's stop talking about it).

Our leader, a French lady who was who slightly resembled a large lemon pie, stood in front of us in the cafeteria's kitchen. There were six groups all together, each at their own tables. I'd been sitting at my table for the last hour waiting for the rest of my group to show up. The second I'd walked in, the lady had told me what table to go for, pointing it out.

Finally everybody else had arrived.

"You excited, Jessie?" whispered Noah with a grin as he took a seat next to me.

I snorted. "Are you kidding? We're going to die."

"I doubt it," Noah laughed.

"Children," started the French lady with a liquid accent, "this is the starting of your first day of cooks-in-training."

Oh, goody.

She went on to explain that we will be "constructing a new masterpiece" every day. The thought of it made me groan as she continued like it was the most wonderful thing in the world. Who was she kidding?

"This is going to be easy," Spy whispered to me. "Don't worry. Besides, in the Sisterhood Squad we always make sure that we can do essential things like cooking. So you'll basically just be missing a step with us."


Anywayyyyy, so the lady, who I found out was named Mrs. LaFord, handed us a whole bunch of bowls and mixing spoons and supplies and announced that, "We shall make a cake!"

You can't believe my horror. Make a cake?! Was she kidding?!?! Thank goodness for Spy, Jo, and Sara, who seemed to already be experts at it. They whipped everything up while Maurice, Noah, and I just watched.

"Now the cakes are ready to be put into the ovens," declared Mrs. LaFord, pointing to the huge cafeteria  ovens. "A team member who has not done that much work should have the job of putting it in."

Spy immediately handed the cake to me. I froze, thinking that I'd drop it right off. Amazingly, I didn't. I almost breathed a sigh of relief.

"Come along, Ms. Bender," urged Mrs. LaFord over by one of the ovens. "I see that you are struggling. I'll open the oven door for you."

Apparently it was already preheated.

To get over to the ovens, I had to pass right by Summer's table. Frankly, she just scared me, what with her glaring eyes that had bored into me every second that I'd been in here.

I carefully started to walk towards the open oven, keeping my eyes on Mrs. LaFord. I only glanced down when I started to see the floor coming towards me, faster and faster. I barely noticed Summer's foot shooting back to cover underneath the table.

"NO!!!" shrieked Mrs. LaFord. "THE CAKE!!!!"

Without thinking I threw the cake into the hair. There was a splat and a horrified shriek. Noah and Maurice were laughing their heads off.

Groaning, I got off the floor and surveyed what had happened.

I'll be frank.

When I threw the cake, it flew up into the hair and landed right on Summer's head!!! Oh, you should've seen her face.

Though I ruined our cake and had to apologize to Summer, I still couldn't help but think it had been one of the best days of the school year.



  1. You forgot to add all the ''zees''! ''Zome along, Mizz Blendeza!'' See? It's 'French-y'.
    French people also have a wonderful style of cooking. Very healthy. Yummy. Prepared well; at one meal they can eat up to 5 hours {at a wedding}, possibly only with one meal.
    So I doubt your French..... {then you'd read my words in French, and that'd be cool. Very.}

    1. Actually, I don't really like it when people have their accents in books, because it's always a lot harder to understand. But if you put that they have an accent, the reader can kind of imagine it for themselves. :)
      I don't actually speak French. And, the lady might've not actually been French, because Jessie just thought she looked kind of French. :)
      Thanks for commenting!! Was your "title" good enough?? haha :)

    2. Yeah, I guess so... *sniff*. ;)


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