Thursday, September 27, 2012

Me With PicMonkey Unleashed {What a scary thought!}

This is called me with PicMonkey unleashed.

It's called this collage changing into this.
Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool, too. :) So what do you really think of it?

I'm serious.

Be honest.

.....there was a girl who made designs on PicMonkey. =D

.......and found a compass via Google images.....

Well, I'm just saying, it's easier to do a picture post. =D

If you're reading this, no doubt it's true...... ;D

1. Get ready for my birthday!!!!!!! :)
2. Write something more interesting next time. :P
3. End this post.



  1. Oh, I love the collage!
    HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Any themed birthday parties coming up {I've never had a b-day party before. My parents say they will pay for one party, but I'd like to have a sweet sixteen party. So that's going to be for a while....}?!

    1. Thanks, Madeline! That means a lot coming from you.... :)
      Thanks. :)


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