Monday, September 10, 2012

The Rain of Dressing

Dear Readers,

I came into school Monday morning with expectations and new hopes...... hopes that hopefully Noah didn't actually punch anybody and that there was going to be another football game the next Friday night.

But what happened I didn't expect--like AT ALL.

So I walk in and all of the kids are buzzing in a group. I frowned and walked over, wondering what on earth was going on. When I approached, a girl by the name of Marjorie, "Margie", quickly ran over to me and squealed,

"Summer's actually from California!! Isn't that like awesome?!"

I frowned. "Summer? Who's Summer? And why's she from California?"

Margie rolled her eyes like "what a dummy you are". "Summer's the new girl that just arrived!! And she's from Cal--"

"Yeah, I heard that," I interrupted quickly. "Is that why everybody's in such a buzz?"

"Just listen," huffed Margie. "And from Orlando, Florida, came Maurice Mendoza..."

"So, wait." I held up my hands. "There're two new kids? And they're like from California and Florida...?"

"Yes!" shrieked Margie.

I had to see these kids for myself. I pushed through the crowd and saw that in the middle of the buzz were two kids. The girl was small and petite with luscious, shining blonde hair and bored-looking blue eyes. She wore so much makeup that I was almost wasn't sure if she actually looked like that. Now, makeup isn't bad, and sometimes (very rarely) I wore like mascara for some dress-up nights. But this was ridiculous!

I glanced at the boy. He had curly black hair and dark eyes. Frankly, he looked like he was from Spain or Italy or something and he thought that he was the hottest snot on the earth. I didn't like the look of either of them.


I came to school the next day, and Maya was running around handing out invitations. She even gave one to ME.

"What's it for?" I asked in surprise.

She got that snooty look. "Why, I've invited everybody--including Maurice and Summer--to my house for a party!" she smiled. "Hope you can make it, Jessie!" and then raced off down the hallway, handing the invitations out to everybody.

I looked at my own, and then back at her. Oh, great.

Mom was more than happy to take me to the party. I didn't wear Maya's dress that she'd given me (it was still in the box, in fact), but wore a nice party dress like the invitation suggested. I had no hope of seeing Noah at the party, since he was like grounded (I'm pretty sure, at least).

"This will be great," Mom smiled at me. "Maybe you can witness to them and they'll all become Christians."

I sighed. "Mom, that would be really awesome, but I doubt it's going to happen."

She sighed, too, and focused her eyes on the road. "I suppose you're right."

We finally reached Maya's house. OK, so it wasn't a house. It was a mansion. It was huge, with all of this expensive stuff. Parked outside on the tiles surrounding the fountain was a corvette and a Jaguar. *creepy* Mom stopped by the door and I hopped out.

"Bye!" she called, driving back off for the gate that led out onto the road.

I walked up the ornate steps to the huge double doors. Before I could even knock the door burst open and pop music burst out. A butler was standing in front of me. I glanced around him and saw kids dancing with a disco spraying colors all over the walls. Everything was like topo expensiveo.

"Are you Miss Bender?" he questioned.

My head snapped back to the butler. "Oh, yeah. Here's my invitation." I quickly handed it to him.

He nodded and let me in (he probably would've let me in without an invitation, considering that Maya liked to brag so much). I quickly dodged the dancers and started towards one of the many refreshment tables. It was around lunchtime, and I'm not one of those people who eats like birds. When I'm starving, give me a big mac, people!!!

The only real "good" thing was like a salad. I quickly poured it onto a paper plate and looked around for some Italian dressing. I'll only eat it with Italian dressing. All I saw were all of these really like expensive dressings that looked like puke in a bottle.

I sighed.

"Hi, I'm Maurice."

(Pause for a sec: you're probably wondering why I always get introduced to people. Really, it's not my fault. I know it's weird. OK, Play!)

I turned and there was the snotty hotty from Florida. I managed a smile and a, "I'm Jessie," (you think I was going to tell HIM my last name?!) and glanced around as if I was already busy. But he went on.

"Are you looking for something?"

"Actually," I started, "I was looking for some Italian dressing....."

Maurice clapped his hands and a waiter appeared. If I had blinked it would've looked like he'd appeared out of no where.

"Miss Jessie would like some Italian dressing," he ordered.

The waiter nodded and took off. A few minutes later (it seemed like seconds) he was back with the dressing on a platter. I gratefully took the bottle off the tray.

OK, so I've heard it before--ALWAYS CHECK TO MAKE SURE THAT THE CAP IS ON SECURELY BEFORE YOU SHAKE. But I'd thought it was new. If I'd looked, I would've seen that it was already opened. I would've seen that the last person who'd opened it had been too careless to shut it.

But, I didn't. And I shook it. The cap flew off and and Italian dressing flew everywhere, completely covering Maurice and all of the nearby dancers.

"Yuck!" somebody shrieked.

I'd escaped without having gotten myself all covered.

"I'm so, so sorry!" I cried, handing Maurice a napkin.

He was trying to compose himself. "No, it's fine," he said.

Then he walked off. Probably to change.

I hid for the rest of the party underneath Maya's steps.

But when I got home, I couldn't help but admit that it was pretty funny. :)



  1. I've already decided I don't like this ''Maurice'' kid. I THINK HE'S A SPY! GET HIM TO TEACH YOU HIS SPY-Y WAYS!

    1. Well, that's good!! Because I don't like him either. :D Sorry. He's not a spy. I can say that already!!! :)


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