Saturday, September 8, 2012

A big swirl and some [kinda] boring stuff

I know I've said this before but I LOVE YELLOW. I especially like those swirls over there. The orange just kind of makes it pop. =D What do you think?

OK, OK. I know you guys liked the other template. But I had a revelation last night about something like this (though it was a little bit different, but that's OK).

Sooooo......... it's Saturday. You wake up late. You eat a warm breakfast that your mom makes for you (if you still live at home, because otherwise you're probably going to make yourself a cold bowl of cereal and be WISHING that you were still living with your mother and there was some warm sausages and eggs sitting on a plate in front of you instead of the dread Lucky Charms and 2 percent sitting and getting soggy in a bowl as you read this and almost spit out your milk on the computer screen). :)

So, what's late for me? Well, this morning's late was 6:45 (OK, not that late, right?). But I read for an hour in bed. So that turns to 7:45 (still not that late for a Saturday, but anyway.......).

So....... what's up?

How do you guys like Jessie Bender?

What's your favorite kind of blog design?



P.S. I bet this is really boring. Sorry. :)


  1. WHAT? 6:45 IS late for me! {Well, if I sleep in any later my dog will jump on my bed and sneeze in my face. {Yes, he will wake me up if he thinks I shouldn't sleep in!}}

    1. haha we always have our dogs in kennels before that, so I wouldn't have to worry. =D

  2. I agree, I love bright colors like orange and yellow! In fact I like them so much, I own a pair of neon yellow skinny jeans and orange and red swirly, crazy top! :D Wow, 6;45 is early for me! I usually don't wake up until 7:30! And, I love Jessie Bender! Keep them coming!
    ~ Jess :)

    1. Cool!! I can just imagine you wearing that!!!! :D OK, I'll make sure to keep the Jessie Bender stories coming!!!


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