Friday, August 31, 2012

Perfect Party

Dear Readers,


Sorry, I just had to write that.

Finally, I'm writing from my beautiful room in Dayton, Ohio, without worrying about whether I'm going to the Forbidden Land* or not!!!!! (*The Forbidden Land is what I call Alaska. Truly, Alaska's beautiful, but I really wouldn't want to leave my beautiful Dayton!!)

So, I just had to celebrate me not leaving. Noah wasn't going to hear of me NOT having it. And what is my amazing "it"?

A party!!!

Yes, a party.

A party for Middle Schoolers........ (explanation: I was going to invite my friends, but then Mom and Dad were like "are you kidding?! You have to invite everybody!" Hey, it was their idea. I just hoped that they wouldn't trash the house.) Everybody, just to let you know, also includes popular girls like Maya Henderson.

So Mom went and bought me a new dress (awesome summer dress, thanks bunches, Mom!!), got some fun drinks and food and disposable plates and such, decorated the house, and whalaa!!! You've got a house decorated by my mother ready for a party!!

This is Noah's email to me about the party:

To: Jessie Bender <> (hey--you didn't think I was going to miss that awesome opportunity, did you??) =D
From: Noah (are you imaging what his last name's going to be??) Darcy (how Pride & Prejudicey is that??) <> (I believe he liked koalas as a ten year old......)
Subject: Party!


This is going to be so awesome!!!! OK, since you're like my best friend, do you think I look better in green or blue??? Well?? I know, I know. Asking you for fashion advise. But seriously!! This is going to be so much fun!! You didn't invite Maya, did you??


I won't put my reply here, but anyway.......

So the day of the party arrived. *excitement!* *excitement!* I just about couldn't wait. I took a shower, straightened my hair, curled it, got dressed, and screamed around the house for the rest of the day helping Mom.

Finally one o'clock came (of course we did it on a Saturday). Everybody started arriving. Of course Noah was there first. He wore a brown and blue and green checked shirt (which is why I decided that it wasn't really necessary to put my email reply because, I mean, he wore both!!!). Then arrived a few more kids. Then Michael. Then a few more kids. Then Lulu and her friends ("Jessie! I really hope we can be better friends soon....." Cool, I know!! Spaghetti fight girl?? AWESOME!! :D) arrived, and then after that.... ugh...... Maya.

"Wow, this party stinks already," she snorted.

To my surprise, she was met with a, "Shut up," by Michael. Go, Mikey!!

We played some great games, ate some great food, and then it was time for people to go. Surprisingly, everybody had given me a "welcome back, Jessie!" gift, even though I hadn't asked for any and it wasn't like I'd really left, anyway.

Noah suggested that I open Maya's first. "Might as well find out what's in it," he shrugged.

I wasn't so eager. I mean, what if it was something that was going to ruin my good looks forever? Like some kind of torch blower thingy that would burn my facial features and disfigure me horribly...?!

"Just open it," urged Noah.

I did. It was a dress. A really pretty dress.

"Wow," I said.

What about that?



  1. Awesome! Maya is acting really weird....

    1. This is Jessie. I know what you mean. I just can't help but have this feeling that she's put fleas in it or something.....

    2. Definitely. (kind of like Mackenzie. [by the way, LOVE THAT STORY!!] I guess. Though I can't help but think that Mackenzie's more of a jerk.....)


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