Thursday, August 30, 2012

My photos

Hey, guys!!

This is Storyteller again. How are you guys like Jessie Bender? Yeah, I know it's so sad that she's moving to Alaska!! But... there's still hope, right? I mean, Noah might like start a rally to convince her parents to have Jessie stay with his family.........

Anyway, so I took some pictures that I wanted to share with you guys!!! I only edited them a little bit... ;)

 This is my one of the sky. It wasn't night yet, but the moon was so visible that I wanted to get a good picture of it. Alas, I think that eyes take a lot better pictures than cameras.
 Another moon one....... I didn't edit it to look more reddish this time. This is more what it looked like. Just saying. ;)
 I LOVE this picture!!!! =D I like how it turned out so well, how the trees look black and everything against the sky.
 This reminds me of the walls of Andy's room in Toy Story. haha :)
More red skies. Wow.
And, finally, the grand-finale--a sunset!!!!!! =D

Lator, gator!!



  1. Very pretty! I see you changed your thing up a bit!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was looking at your This is a Test template, and was I like "I wonder how on earth she made that?" And so went the quest of Storyteller's afternoon to redo her blog. haha =D

    2. P.S. How did I do?? I hope you don't mind.....

  2. Cool! Those are really pretty. :)


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