Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awarded!!!!! =D

I got award!! Yay!!!! =D And by my very good friend Piano Bookworm.

The Creative Blog Award Rules:

#1. Thank the person who gave this award to you and leave a link. (Option: leave a link to all of their blogs.)

Thank you so much, Piano Bookworm!!!

#2.What is your favorite blog design?
I like awesome big headers with cool designs, and either an open, friendly atmosphere or one of the blog designs (or templates) where the posts and everything are separated.

#3.What is your favorite part about getting a blog award?
I like to see that people like my blog and like the things that I post on it, and that people at least know a little about me because why else would they give me a blog award? It also makes me feel cared for. =D

#4.Who is the most active person on your blog?
Hmm.... now? Probably still Piano Bookworm, though Jess has been posting a lot, too!! Thanks, guys!!

#5. What's your favorite blog?
That's really hard. I like lots of blogs!!! =D
#6.What is your favorite blog out of your blogs?
Storyteller of Weston County

#7. Award this to five people.

Beautiful in God's Eyes, by Alexandra Marie
Totally Me!, by Madeline
A Pearl of Great Price, by Ireland
*My Collection of Stories*, by Jess (man, she just has awesome blogs!!!) =D
In The Words of Willow, by Willow

Adios amigos!!


  1. Congrats!
    {I'm having a giveaway at the link above :)}


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