Monday, August 27, 2012

The Guitar Episode

Dear Readers,

Yes, another letter from crazy, dramatic Jessie!!! I am finally back. Sorry I haven't written in a little while...... I've been kind of busy!!! =D First of all I was working on my signature, and then there was the newspaper, and reporting on both football and cross country........

Anyway, so I was walking home from the store when I a gorgeous guitar. Now, I don't usually think of myself as musical, but if you got to play something that beautiful, I mean, really, then it might just be worth it.

I rushed home and nearly ran into Mom, who was walking out the door. 

"Oof!" I cried. "Mom! Do you have a guitar?"

"What kind of a question is THAT?" Mom snorted.

"I really need to know," I said. "It's important."

"No," she sighed, "but your Uncle Max I think still has his. You should go ask him."

Uncle Max? She had to be joking.

Uncle Max and Aunt Thea were the type of people who walked the wall of China for their honeymoon and considered hockey "easy" and "fun" and "not life-dangering". They were the kind of people who rushed around and when they accidently knock down your prize vase say, "Well, you always liked me more, didn't you?"

Yeah, so you know what I'm dealing with.

Was my mother nuts?!

"Bye, Jessie!" Mom called, waving from the car.

"Wait! Mom!" I yelled. "Where are you going?"

"To the library!" the car spewed and then shot off. I wondered for the hundredth time how on earth Mom had gotten a driver's license. No doubt she'd nearly killed the driver's ED teacher.

I sighed. I'd just have to go Uncle Max's. Ugh.

Now, it wasn't hard to get to Uncle Max's house. It was actually pretty easy. Other than the fact that he lived on the other side of Dayton. Uncle Max and Aunt Thea were like billionaires, so they lived in this huge mansion that they'd painted in stripes--the colors of the rainbow, of course--and a purple barn where they kept their "farm animals"--three baby ducks, one fat donkey, and the fattest cat ever named Victor.

I set off for their house. When I finally saw it, I took a deep breath. Their van, painted in polka dots, was sitting in the driveway of crushed seashells (don't ask). I walked up to the huge wooden double doors and pushed the doorbell.

Hard rock burst off inside the house. The door quickly opened, and in front of me was the short, plump, wild red-haired, bulgy-blued eyed Aunt Thea.

"Jessie!!!!" she shrieked. Over her shoulder, "Maxie-poo, Jessie's here!"

"Jessie? What a wonderful surprise!" Tall, gangly, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Uncle Max came into the light wearing, as always his "Englishman clothes", as he called them. "And what can I do for you?"

"Um, uh, Mom said you had a guitar," I said.

"Oh, yes, of course!" He cried. "Thea, won't you show them to her? I think they're in the barn!"

"Why don't we have our surprise guest do it?" Aunt Thea winked.

"Surprise guest?" I sent hesitant glances at them.

At just that moment, Mor stepped into the light.

"Mor, would you please help Jessie find Max's guitar? I think it's in the barn," said Aunt Thea.

I was horrified--what on earth was Mor doing HERE?!

"OK." He didn't say anything about seeing me at the cross country meet and followed me out into the barnyard.

We didn't speak. We went into the barn, rummaged around in the junk in the loft, found the guitar, and then Mor shrugged and walked off for the house. The guitar in my hand, I went off running for MY house.

Weird, isn't it?




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