Saturday, August 18, 2012

Changin' the Normal

Hello, hello, hello!!! =D

And how are you all this lovely day? I am doing very well! I have a question that I hope to be worthy of your esteemed attention--how do you like my new blog template? I have seen some other blogs, and I wanted to see if my theory worked. It did!!! :)

Do you wake up early today, or late? Did you regret it, or rejoice in it?
(Note: if you can't read the words, please click on the picture to make it bigger)

Are you spreading the light?
Do you wish that you could go back?

That's all for now, folks!!



  1. Wow! This template sort of reminds me of cookies? I'm not sure why. But it's nice. It looks like something Grandma Beacon would like, I think

    1. That's funny!! Now that you say it, it reminds ME of cookies!! Like those vanilla ones. haha, that's actually really funny!!! =D Yeah, I think Grandma Beacon would like it, too.


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