Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More info on my move to Alaska

Dear Readers,

Yes, it's me, Jessie. I have come to give you more details about my move to Alaska (yeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

So, technically we're not moving yet. We're going to go to Alaska, spend a week or so in the town that offered Dad the job, and then see if we like it.

(God, please make it horrible, please make it stinky, please make everybody mean, please let there be cockroaches everywhere because Mom hates cockroaches, please let all of the housing situations be terrible, please let there be horrible weather, please let everything be horrible, and please let the public school there not accept me!!!!!!)

So we're leaving tomorrow.

I still have to break it to Noah.

I'm NOT telling anybody else. Definitely not.


P.S. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. If you do leave, the last time you see Noah you should act all weird, and freak him out. Then never see him again. That's what I'd do. ;)

    1. Hi, this is Jessie! If I did that, he'd know for sure that something was up because we're just always normal around each other. Then I'd have to admit everything. I think I'll just have to burst it out and get over it!! Know what I mean? haha thanks for the advice, though. ;) I might do it to some extent. haha =D


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