Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Dear Readers,

No,  I didn't not die in a car crash. No, I was not enveloped by an avalanche. Yes, I am ready to give you another letter from myself! How are you guys doing today? Good? That's good. Because I'm about to shatter your good.

I'm moving. Kidding? No. Bad? Yes.

I haven't broken it to Noah yet. He's going to have a fit.

Maya's going to triumph. She hates me.

And what about everything? It's not fair.

And the worst part? I'm moving to Alaska!! I know, like, "Mom, are you and Dad crazy?!" They must be. It's horrible. I'm never going to be the same after I leave Dayton, Ohio.

But I at least still have you guys.

You do read these letters, don't you?



  1. Whoa, you're moving to Alaska!? That's crazy!

    1. Hey, this is Jessie. I know!! I hope you guys still read my letters. I'll make sure to send them to Storyteller!!

  2. Oh no, you're moving!? To ALASKA?!

    Well on the brightside, moving to Alaska is gonna be like a big adventure!

    1. I know! That's like on the farthest reachest of the earth!!! :( :(

      True, very true. Thanks, Jenny, for thinking of that. :)


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