Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hello! My name is Jessie Bender.

Dear Readers,

Hello!! My name is Jessie Bender, and I am a girl living in a little town called Dayton, Ohio. I enjoy doing lots of fun things!!! Like: soccer, volleyball, my school's newspaper, reading, [sometimes] writing, blogging, and lots of other cool stuff!!! I am twelve years old and going into the seventh grade. Yes, I have an early birthday. =D My birthday is on February 28th. It was on a leap year, so I was really close to being on a changing birth date!!! 

My job on the newspaper: When I do the newspaper, I do lots of fun stuff--either writing up stories, doing reporting, or taking pictures!! Since Dayton's such a small town, we don't have a huge newspaper, but we keep it going!!

My part in [sometimes] writing: I love to write movie scripts that my friends and I can act out!!! We've recorded all of our movies, and they're so funny!! Maybe sometime I'll post one of the scripts on here. I hope you guys would like that!!!

Something that lots of people think is rather cool about me: Before my dad quit his old job and became a writer, we traveled all around the world, mostly centered in Europe. I've lived in lots of cool places, including England, Paris, and Berlin. Danka (thank you, in German) for reading this!!! =D

Random things about me: OK, so ya ready? I can't stand leftovers, I'm left-handed, I start on my left foot when I run, my little sister died before she left my mother's womb, I wear contacts, I did gymnastics and diving for four years, I love throwing football with my best friend, Noah, who's on our school's football team, I LOVE spaghetti, anything beef, onions (yum!!), only original Lays chips (my friends think I'm crazy), hate chocolate (my friends REALLY think I'm crazy about this one), am allergic to strawberries and poison ivy and yellow jackets, and I have an older brother in college by the name of Jake (so if I mention him in my letters you won't be totally confused).

What I look like: Ooh, goody!! =D OK, so I'm about five foot (my friends call me shorty), petite, pale skin that burns horribly and then darkens into a light tan, pointy, pixie-like features, dark brown hair that everybody's always confusing with black, and big bluish greenish brownish violetish hazlish eyes. (if you can understand any of that gibberish)

I hope to get to know you all better!!! Please comment for any questions!!!!



Note: all of this is fictional, and Jessie is a character of Storyteller's own design.


  1. Cool! I can't wait to get to know you better Jessie! :)

    1. Hi, this is Jessie! I can't wait to get to know you guys better, either!


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