Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey, everybody!! This is Connie.

This is Gavin (Mitchell, if you didn't know)!!

And I'm Tracy, Gavin's awesome twin sister.

And we're here today to talk about a weird spinning lady.

What?! I thought you said the topic could be Star Wars characters.

Well..... we can kind of do that, too. Gavin, you can do an overview of the characters later. For now? Let's get back to the topic of the spinning lady.

Apparently the lady spins in whatever way your mind is going. You know, like right and left. Right being more artistic and left being more..... well, not artistic.

Right. Want to visit it? If you do, please tell us! Just click here. Apparently I'm more right brained!

Aw, I don't know. I can make it switch.

Lucky. I'm still stuck in left.

OK, can we do the Star Wars stuff?

OK, OK, you can introduce them to the main dudes.

Hey, Leia's not a dude!

Relax, bro. 'Member? She hasn't seen the movies.


Just do the pictures.

Did I say pictures?

Well, um, kinda yeah.

Let's just not do that. I don't think.........

OK, so there's Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Pewbaccy.


You mean Chewbacca?

Uh, I guess.....

hahahahahaha I can't believe you thought.....!

(half-heartedly) ha-ha, let's get going, guys!!!!

All: Bye!!!

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