Thursday, August 16, 2012


'Ello, ducky!

'Ow are yew? I be a'doin' quite well, thankee!! Me little black kitty was hard to find yesterday morning, that she was, and my library thought that I 'ad book I didn't (in fact, it was on the shelf at the library) and I do me job today, but otherwise, I be a'doin' quite well, thankee!! =D

If yore new, then 'ere's some blogs that you should follow right off!!

Otter Days
Piano's Stories
In The Words of Willow
*My Collection of Stories*
Artsy Peacock

Go check 'em out.

Now, I 'ave a question for yew. Do yew guys think that long blog posts or short blog posts are more interestin'?

Thankee kindly if yew read this!!

The Storyteller

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