Sunday, August 26, 2012



So now guess what's caught up to cool pictures? Contests and quizzes!!!!  Yay!!!!!! =D So, guess what's going to happen? Instead of a Jessie Bender letter at right this moment (I'll probably write one later), I'm going to be doing a contest. Yes, a contest. If I start this contest, there'll be a contest going on on all of my blogs!!!!! Well, except The Story Club, but that's different..... ;) And by the way--check that blog out!! The Story Club has lots of awesome authors!! I believe that Willow just posted her awesome story there..... (and click on the link for an awesome blog!!!)

OK, so what's the contest? 

You get to do just what Connie did in my story!! OK, OK, not exactly. What you're going to do is describe a beautiful place that's close to your heart, just as Connie described Grandma Beacon's place in her report. The two people with the most promising descriptions will be put up against each other in a poll for you to decide who gets the awesome award that I have yet to create!!!!

To enter: just put your story in the comments of this post. As long as it fits in the comments, then it's short enough. (note: please no like 300 page stories, please!!) The judging will be done all by Storyteller. If you have won by popular vote of the people on this blog, you may, and only then, drag off your award that I will soon post.



For any questions please comment.


  1. Hey! You got awarded on my blog:
    Go check it out if you want!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I'll definitely check it out!! =D


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