Monday, August 20, 2012

Spaghetti Fight!

Dear Readers,

Hello! It's Jessie again. Yes, the crazy girl who's already sent you a letter. =D Here are some very important things that I forgot to tell you about myself last time I wrote a letter--they're so important that I feel stupid not remember them!

So here they are: I'm a Christian through and through (I know, right?! How could I forget that?!?!). I'm known almost everywhere as "dramatic, crazy Jessie". It's a fun nickname!! I try to live up to it, lol. =D

OK, so I just had to tell you about this, because it was pretty much hilarious.

So yesterday in school, there was this new girl named Lulu Harper (being crazy also means that you walk up to everybody new and make sure you get their names, ages, and grades). The cafeteria was full as we all crowded around to get lunch which--to my excitement!!--was spaghetti.

"I love this stuff!" I announced to Noah as I watched the cook lady shovel it onto my plate. I frowned. "Could you put a little more on?"

"Jessie," he laughed, "you're crazy."

I grinned. "I'm dramatic, crazy Jessie. Remember?"

He only rolled his eyes. Of course. He hates spaghetti.

Anyways, so Noah and I had just sat down when all of a sudden, the most popular, snobby girl in the entire school, a girl by the name of Maya Henderson, stood up on one of the tables, blonde hair billowing dramatically (I mean, seriously--the blow dryer handled by her best friend Savannah was a little over-the-top).

"Lulu Harper is....." she paused dramatically. "A FREAK!"

Everybody laughed their heads off. She continued. It was so mean that I've decided not to record it in this letter to you guys.

Lulu, I could tell, was furious. Since school had started a few days back, she'd already made a few friends--mostly Maya's most hated enemies, Sara, Josephine, and Addy. They were all whispering to each other, their brows in frown lines. Finally, Lulu stood up on the table, a big glop of spaghetti in her hands. Sara, Josephine, and Addy flanked her.

"Spaghetti fightttttttttt!" Lulu yelled, throwing it smack-dab into Maya's face.

So that's how the biggest fight of Dayton Middle School started. Thankfully, I had my newspaper camera there, and I was getting some great pics when all of a sudden a felt myself getting whapped right in the stomach. I nearly dropped the camera but managed to maintain hold. I turned, glaring, and saw that it was Noah.

"That's it!" I declared.

I entrusted my trusty camera to some girls hiding underneath the tables, rolled up my sleeves, grabbed a big glop of spaghetti and sent it flying right towards Noah's face. You would've thought I'd played baseball or softball or something, because it hit him dead-on. I was going to send another down his shirt when I saw him coming for me.

I shrieked, grabbed my camera, and high-tailed out of there. Not to soon, either. Right after that Principal Watson had everybody else still in there with spaghetti all over themselves (except for the crying girls) clean up the whole place.

So, yeah, that was my day. ;)




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    1. Welcome, Emma! Thanks so much. I will go check it out!! Bye!!


  2. Cool! A spagetti fight sounds like fun! :)


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