Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bio-Chaotic Brawl!!

Dear Readers,

Yes. It is I. Jessie Bender. I'm back!! I hope you guys aren't like "oh, man, her again??". =D I've decided to share a newspaper article of mine that I wrote for our school newspaper. Of course there'll be more, but this is how I've decided to start my letter. :)

Bio-Chaotic Brawl!
There has always been a sense of humanity and personal space between the children of Dayton Middle School. But this week that has crashed down to the ground with a violent spaghetti fight in the cafeteria, which was quickly taken care of our by our esteemed principal, Mr. Watson. What will happen next? Are we even safe in the hallways of our own beloved school? Will Dayton ever be the same?

So, what do you guys think? I thought it was pretty good. The leader of our newspaper, an eighth grader named Josh, thought it was pretty much hilarious (I'm not sure why. It's a very serious subject). 

That's when Josh revealed a very disturbing thing.

Michael Hall, the most popular kid in the seventh grade, is joining the newspaper. Problem? I say yes! He's a jerk! OK, OK--I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called him a jerk. But, really.... What am I going to do?



P.S. Do you guys have any suggestions about what I should do with Michael joining the newspaper?


  1. You should never, ever ask me for advice. I'd say kick him and walk away, but PLEASE don't do that. ;)

    1. This is Jessie. Oh, OK! Phew. I was afraid nobody else was thinking what I was thinking! =D


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