Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Weird Letter


I am proud to announce that I'm probably going to be getting a new job. Yes, I did just say job. Babysitting. I'm just saying that so that if I don't post as much as normal, that's probably where I am!!  I hope you guys don't think I'm ignoring you. =D

I am sorry, Connie-lovers, that Connie's story has been continued probably as quickly as you would've liked. But I'm even more sorry to say that I haven't really been working on it, because I'm been busy--not just with other story ideas, but with life in general!!!! I will try to be working on it more.

To lovers of the Secret Series:
I have now finished the third book (yes, it was the third). I'm hoping to read more!!! So don't tell me the ending!!! ;D

Random question: what is your favorite breakfast?

Random fact: for a very long time,  I couldn't eat eggs because I got a stomach ache.



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