Friday, October 5, 2012

yeah this is me--jessie

summer's computer broke down so now i have 2 go back 2 texting. :P ok so we kept on searching 4 noah and i was about 2 start totally yelling for him (believe me everybody wouldve been staring at me) when all of a sudden i saw him talking 2 like this chinese kid. i ran over to him and was about to scream like "noah there you are why on earth did you scare us to death?!" when noah turned, smiled at me like nothing was wrong, and continued to talk to the kid. curious i walked up and started to listen. the kid was talking about like wow football. come on noah. you scared us to death because you were talk to a kid about football? i was sure mrs. mossfield was going 2 like kill him. but apparently she hadnt noticed him yet. noah nodded as the kid said something else and then turned to me. "this is cheng," he told me. "he lives here in new york." well like duh. anyway i nodded and noah introduced me to him and then finally mrs. mossfield saw us and ran over. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!" (you should really appreciate it that i just texted all of that because it was like really hard with all of the caps) noah always calm answered he was talking to a kid. thats when cheng announced he had to go and thats when mrs. mossfield exploded and announced that we were going back to the hotel.

newer news: we're going to be visiting the statue of liberty tomorrow. the reason that i haven't been sending any messages 2 U guys is Bcause like we've been stuck in the hotel Bcause of noah. thanks dude. anyway, later. <3 jessie

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