Wednesday, October 17, 2012

hey this is jessie.

hey this is jessie. im just going 2 say it now i really cant wait until we get back 2 dayton. this texting business is killing me. anyway so the big news is that summer is in huge trouble Bcause she was gone all day 2day. we dont have any idea where she was. she wont tell us. she wont tell anybody. i don't even think she would tell noah if he asked her. i dont think she was up 2 any good that's what i'll say. mostly we keep on getting stuck in the hotel. cough cough summer cough cough noah cough cough. i did get to hear though that i was in a quiz that storyteller did of me. i love it that i was like the most popular. :) my special thanks to everybody who took it. anyway i'm going to try and wrestle the use of summer's computer. i'll be back. <3 jessie

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