Monday, October 8, 2012


I have no idea why I picked this picture. I just like it. Besides, I guess it's part of randomness, isn't it? ;D

I don't know if you would agree,
But I would say,
That blogs can vent randomness,
Like about every day.
It's always fun to ramble,
(I do it like a lot),
But sometimes there's seriousness,
That needs to be sought,
Like the choice of your end,
Where you shall go,
When the seven trumpets sound,
They give the last blow.
And other times there're fun things,
Like randomness (aka me),
And of course there's other things
Than randomness, you see.
There could be stories,
Or maybe a small joke,
Or maybe a tale,
Of an old cowpoke.
And other times you just
Want to fall in,
Want to fall into a flowing melody,
That's not been touched by sin,
That flows off the tongue,
Like water from a brook,
Like grabbing a story,
And hiding in a nook.
Like running through the woods,
Running, you and I,
Running faster than the stream,
Higher than the sky.

Now wait just a moment,
No I won't show that picture again,
I know I've kind of overused it,
But now it's in the pen,
I'm going to start being more creative,
At least I hope I will,
So I will definitely add more to this,
But still.......
I don't know if you guys totally like randomness,
Love personally I love it like a lot,
I love writing stories, too,
So here's to that, dot-dot-dot.....


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