Monday, July 23, 2012

Hills Alive, Otter Days, and Story Ideas

Just to say, Hills Alive was AWESOME!!!! If you want to hear more, please click here. On to other topics..........

Otter Days has posted more on Otter Days' blog!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Go and check out Otter Days' blog for some great reads!!!! Hopefully we'll be working more on our Sam'n'Alex story. :D

Please tell me what you think of about everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now, we have two short excerpts of some new story ideas I had on the way to Hills Alive......

"You've got to work as a team!" Coach Addison's voice boomed in the gym.
    I froze by the door into the gym. Peeking through the window, I saw Kristen, the captain of the basketball team. She was glaring defiantly at the coach.
    "Unless you start leading, we're going to keep on losing," Coach Addison glared. "You have got to pull this team together. Otherwise, we're going to fall apart like that stupid tapestry in Prinpical Hesiman's room!"
     "You don't know anything!" Kristen yelled at her. "And you know what? I don't care about this team!" her blue eyes were on fire. "I quit! You hear that? I QUIT! Goodbye, hope you lose!" she snorted, running out the door. 
      There was silence. I held my breath, waiting for the coach to get out of there. I gripped my basketball to myself as I heard the coach's footsteps going away.
     If only...

OK, so that's the first story idea. Second story idea........

Our cross-country team crested the hill. Finally, Coach Smith called for us all to stop.
  "OK, we're going to have a ten minute break and then run back!"
   Everybody groaned. Sara practically doubled over beside me, her breathing coming in broken rasps.
    "You OK?" I panted beside her. 
    She shrugged. "I guess. But sometimes I wonder why Coach Smith even bothers."
     I gave her a look. "Huh?"
     "I mean, making us run so much," she shrugged. "We never win. And we never will."
     I glanced over the next hilltop, and then suddenly I saw it--a kid, flying like the wind, just running his heart out. Soon he was gone.
    "Who was that?" I demanded.
     Sara sighed. "That's Danny."
     "And how come he's not on the team?" I cried. "He looks like he'd be able to easily turn the tables!"
    Sara sighed again. "It's just that. He can't."
    "What do you mean?" I glared.
     Sara paused, and then whispered, "He has a murmur."

That's all for now!! Tell me what ya think!!!


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