Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hi, this is Connie! Prayer?

Hey, this is Connie!

Thankfully, you just caught me. I was about to take off for church, but then Norah got sick, so we're not going to Sunday school. We're going to be leaving in a little bit, but I thought I'd talk to you for a little bit first.

Our subject today is going to be on prayer. Have you ever felt like everybody else around you whose praying is just saying kind of script? Or maybe your prayers definitely aren't as good as theirs? Or maybe you're just scared to death of praying in front of people? I, personally, struggle with all of these things. To me, it feels like sometimes people always have the perfect prayers, as if they'd memorized them or something, or they're just trying to make a show.
   I know sometimes they're really being sincere, so that doesn't always bother me. But sometimes it does... and it makes me feel like a shmuck. I mean, for goodness sakes--I'm a new believer (if you've read my story, you know just how new). And sometimes, when people ask me to pray, I just want to freeze and not say anything.
    What's the reason? For me, it's like they're all watching to see if I can do a good, "Christian" prayer. But I can't do it, because for me, it's like then I'm just saying the words and not talking to my heavenly Father. But Grandma Beacon has told me something--"It doesn't matter what they think; this conversation is between you and God; nobody else. They can't judge your heart. God knows what's going on inside, and he knows what you're praying for before you even utter the words."
    So, it's not about those other people. It's about you and God, your own personal conversation that nobody can but into.

Gotta go to church! Bye!

Connie ;)

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