Thursday, July 19, 2012

How Random Can I Get?

Ooookay................ stuff to take care of for today...............

So--you a writer? Like going in writing challenges and seeing if you can beat out everybody else? Well, here's your chance! There are writing contests on both Dragonmaster (here) and Storyteller of Weston County (here). I'd love it if you guys would participate, even if maybe you haven't followed me or commented or anything. Followers? I'd definitely love you guys doing it!! Not to pressure you or anything, just to say. Please go and participate! It's all for fun!!!

So, I want some comments with this one. :) So I know that I have the option "other" on my poll. So what do you think is "other"? Like random posts like this one? Photos that I've taken with my commentary? Come up with things that you think would be interesting!!!! I really want to know what you guys think!!!

Also comments on this one!!! Haha ;). What's the oldest horse? After... hmm...... five comments I'll tell you!!!! That's for you random fact people. ;D

OK, that's all for now!!!!!!



  1. Well, you have random stuff on your poll, so I would imagine that "other" is longer stories. You do not have that option on your poll. (Also, I am not the one who voted for it, just to let you know. At least, I don't think I did.)

    1. Well, longer stories get their own pages. :) I kind of couldn't think of anything else, so that's why I put "random". It's OK if you don't remember. Somebody like just voted, so I don't think it was you. Did you vote on What's Your Story? ;)
      Have a great day!

    2. yes, I did. I said I come here a lot.

    3. Haha. :) I should say so!! =D (not in a bad way, of course...) ;)


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