Friday, July 13, 2012

Congrats for Piano!!!!

So, I didn't really make this official, but now it's official!! I'm awarding the "Most Comments On All of Storyteller's Blogs" award to Piano Bookworm! Congrats, Piano!!!

Yep, pretty sweet trophy, huh? 

Just a few reminders--if you like writing stories, please enter in one of my story contests!! There's a contest here on Rubberboot Girl and one on one of my other blogs, Dragonmaster. I love it if a lot of you participated! If you have any questions, I believe I know have a question page on all my blogs (here on Rubberboot, on Dragonmaster [link above], and on Storyteller of Weston County). If you want to ask one of my book characters a question, you can ask it on this blog underneath the page "Ask!!" (Yes, I'm not opening that past Connie, Gavin, and Tracy). If you'd like to vote on what you'd like me to post more of, please look for the poll with the things that I've suggested and vote!! I believe that's on all my blogs, too. And if you're new, please interact!!!!

Just a few new things--I'm going to try and do the "Most Comments On All of Storyteller's Blogs" award about every month. If you'd like to receive this award, then you'd better start cracking!! ;) JK Just be yourself. I might be handing out some other kind of awards, too, just for fun. ;D Also, if you visit, I'd love it if you left a link to your own blog (if you have one)!! Yep, and I might add you on my "this blog is safe" list. ;)



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