Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey ya'll... what's up?

Hi! This here's Tracy (yeah, yeah, I know--two from me before you hear back from Gavin; but, really, I mean I personally like myself better than my brother, no-offense-awesomest-brother-ever, OK?).

So..... yeah..... what's up?? Basically Connie went and told me that somebody had to go and write on this blog, and, hey, I love this blog!! (besides, Gavin had football practice and Connie had something-or-other, so who else could do it?) Just to say, Storyteller wanted me to thank Piano Bookworm for all of the comments that Piano's posted!! Apparently Piano has like the "most comments on Storyteller's blogs" award. Pretty sweet, huh?? That's what I thought!! Congrats, Piano!!!!!!!

Anyway...... swinging it back around...... I've been reading a LOT lately!!! Since our dear friend Storyteller's such a writer, Storyteller's been having me read Storyteller's stories because, seriously, I've already scoured the local library from top to bottom!! Thank goodness that I finally have more stories (especially since I can kind of help Storyteller with the writing, like, should this happen or shouldn't it?? "Storyteller!!!! He can't marry HER!!!!!" Yeah, anyway......)

Other things...... I guess you've all heard that Storyteller's been working on our SECOND story. So what do ya'll think?? Should Connie's dad or shouldn't he be found?? (Storyteller's counting on you, Piano Bookworm ;D)

Just to say... Storyteller's been checking the stats. There's people from all over the world on here!! (I mean, this IS the internet). Anyway, Storyteller would love it if ya'll would leave a comment or vote on one of the polls!!!!

Hey, that's all for now!!! Bye!!!!!!!

Tracy =D


  1. I think it would be neat if Connie's dad showed up.

    1. Of course, me being the writer, I kind of have to think--is that really realistic? Of course, I'll think about what you have to say and see what I can do... ;)



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